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asleep at mal 9/09
no alchemy_dc for me tonight 
4/8/04 12:28
asleep at mal 9/09
backache is improving but i haven't been sleeping well because of the pain, and i've caught a nasty case of the ick (sinus/ear infection) because of it

so i went to see the doctor today and she prescribed antibiotics and bed, and that's what i'll be doing tonight

on the bright side of things, she also gave me a referral for physical therapy to hopefully get things under control
4/8/04 9:43 (UTC)
I sure hope you feel better soon!! And I hope you get a chance to rest...you've been really busy with your new place!
4/8/04 10:38 (UTC)
Hurray for physical therapy.
Hope you feel better soon.
4/8/04 11:20 (UTC)
I've done physical therapy and I can say that the heat packs they administer are really great... The sonic stuff is good, too. Make sure that you stop your physical labor for a while, too, though! Have hot baths every night with Epson salts! Get massages or just a bit of, uh, sensual-touch from your loved ones! And come to my curry party if you can (see TheMichael's invite). Laughter releases endorphins.
(Deleted comment)
4/8/04 13:30 (UTC)
Rest rest rest. Hope it's gone soon!
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4/9/04 11:24 (UTC) - Alles de mojo!

I am sending you express rush priority, ANY mojo I may have lying around. Yer s'posed to be going to LA next week & yer feeling this shitty..? Ugh!

I wrap you, kelp-seaweed-spa-style, up in warm thoguhts. I hope they make ya feel a touch better.
4/9/04 13:16 (UTC)
You were missed last night.
You poor thing. Feel better and take care.