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**Bear Claws, Nail Guns, And Love**
Three Home Depot stores soon will have a full-serve Dunkin' Donuts
within their doors, isn't that just the cutest thing ever, part of a
test program to see if the two companies can't make the whole
donut/construction lug-dude stereotype just that much more adorably
cliched. "We did some survey research and found that a lot of
professional builders and contractors visit our stores, particularly in
the early hours, to collect materials," said John Simley, a spokesman
for Atlanta-based Home Depot. "On their way to the work site, they stop
off at a Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, bagels and doughnuts for their
crews, so this just makes it a little more convenient for them." In
related news, Nordstrom Rack is experimenting with offering Good
Vibrations outlets inside each store, so heavily sighing unhappily
married women with teased bangs and names like Georgette can buy
discount sex toys and perhaps enjoy a tiny modicum of physical pleasure
in their lives given how their grunting husbands are so blobbed out on
Dunkin' Donuts and bagels they can barely lift the remote, much less
raise the ol' two-by-four in the sack anymore, yo.
Tags: media/funny/etc

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