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pennsic journal - part 1

drag ass out of bed about 7 saturday am, finish packing clothing, toiletries, etc, wake gus & nagamii after zooom & i shower and they shower while we start loading the rental truck... finally ready to leave the house about 10am, stop at burger-king for breakfast sandwiches and hit the road... drive not too bad - i nap while zooom takes the 1st leg, we stop in the middle of nowhere outside of cumberland to get gas and notice that the coolant level in my car is empty... refill with water thinking that they must have missed it during the last oil change but that the gas station doesn't sell the correct coolant and we will need to wait til we find a dealership to put correct fluid in... i take over driving, about 1/2 an hour later the coolant level light comes on again... apparently we have a leak... head to the nearest rest stop (gus & nagamii have gone ahead) and locate leak - small hole in the hose between the coolant reservoir and the engine - make a few calls, no dealerships open between our current location (near morgantown wv) and pennsic, dealerships near war closed til monday... limp the rest of the way to war, stopping 2x more to add water (engine stays cool thank goodness - no long-term damage and zooom can replace the hose once we get the part)... arrive at troll (check-in) just as gus and nagamii are pulling away toward our campsite... check-in completed, we head to the swamp - our fellow kindred are just returning with the truckload of camp stuff from storage (but of course they've forgotten a bunch of stuff that was needed, including the frames for our bed and gus' and important camp items such as the kitchen tent and main camp pavillion - but that is why camp helps to pay for the rental truck - covers the use of the truck to run trips to storage for the next 2 days) - unload truck, goat & cupo order pizza for dinner, then we begin unloading our rental truck, run to storage to get bedframes, etc, and begin setting up our stuff... zooom disappears (camp stuff?) while gus and i set up our seperate tents; get most of our area set up to my satisfaction by 9pm saturday... sit by the fire with drunk friends for the rest of the evening, and manage to get a decent night's sleep... sunday is clan camp set-up... sheet wall, gate, 2 trips to storage, 2 trips to town, shower, kitchen, bar, mow down weeds and vines in kitchen area with new weed wacker so that bar can be put up, dig fire pit, etc (there are about 20 people in camp at this point - bells is bastard - giving people tasks), surprisingly enough we get everything done except clean-up and "foof and gak" (decorations) by dinner time - tonight it's chinese take-out... 1st clan meeting over dinner - when will 1st kindred party be? theme? who's responsible for what in terms of prep for party, etc... monday we drive to butler, turn in rental truck, order part for car, go to wal-mart and home depot (and run into loads of pennsic folks - including evil karen & ben) - the people in the nearby towns are used to this by now, ask how set-up is going and such - even rednecks can be nice sometimes... finish clan set-up, and have dinner - monday night is the 1st night of the week long open camp at vlads, where zooom & i go to hang out with friends - lou & rob, angel, alexa, scott, phia, qb, et al are fabulous hosts, i got fairly plowed (painkillers plus booze=very tipsy kim) but had a great evening; went back to camp and my comfy bed semi-early, zooom didn't come home til the next morning - out playing with one of his girlfriends (with my permission of course)... and yes, a tent can be home when you're surrounded by friends and have a large tent with 7' ceilings, a queen size bed with frame, and a 5' closet rack full of clothes (although most of the clothes are zooom's)... it rained overnight, fairly heavily, but no major problems except that we hadn't put up the tarp over our tent/front porch properly, so about 9am tuesday zooom & i were up on ladders in the rain tying it to the trees so that the rain stopped puddling in the roof of the tent and threatening to tear through the fly... tarp fixed the rain stopped (of course) so we went up top for food and the 1st day of vendors being open (this is the 1st time they've been open this early - usually don't open til friday)... more tomorrow
Tags: life with zooom, medical, pennsic/kindred

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