alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

decent weekend, busy monday

my weekend wasn't bad; went home friday fixed dinner and got a decent nighsleep, sat got up and continued unpacking - got 5 loads of laundry done and almost all of that folded and put away (still 2 left though), got my drawer units full of clothing and bathroom stuff put away and all but zooom's drawer full of glow put away, took care of the muddy, filthy shoes and polished those, put away the boxes of booze and sodas from the 1st garage (still some in the 2nd one though), made the bed w/ clean sheets, generally felt that i got a lot accomplished... then fixed dinner and sat down to watch jody's cartoon (lowbrow - go to cartoon network and vote for lowbrow to be made a series) on cartoon cartoon weekend - the rest of the stuff was udder drek, i hope that lowbrow is the one that gets the nod for a full series!! didn't sleep well sat night, woke up sunday at 8ish, showered, dressed, ran out to woodside for breakfast take-out - mmmm bagel and then stopped by the bookstore on the way to renfair after seeing zooom, ben & dave off for a bit of motorcycle riding... faire was ok, a bit dead, but it's the 1st weekend, some of the vendors i like were gone, but overall nice... picked up a gorgeous mask for the masquerade ball, now i just need to figure out how to do eye-makeup to accentuate it (i'm so not a girl - feistydiva do you have any pointers or can you please help me a bit between walk-thru and actual ball?) because my eyes disappear behind the mask and it doesn't look good... zooom picked up a mask also, we hung out w/ friends and had a decent time, then headed home (i followed him - he's not nearly as crazy on a bike as on a car) christian's friend catherine cooked dinner and we went to bed at a decent hour... today is busy at work, and we are on a deadline to complete turn-ups by the end of the month, so work work work... i have a job...
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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