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things have finally calmed down a bit at work, so let's have a brief re-cap of kim's week - busy as hell at work, been managing to read everyone's journals, but i find it more difficult to write when i'm multi-tasking w/ a couple of telco's and a tech on each line than it is to read, hence the lack of responses and updates from me

tuesday about 5:30 our department director called my team (5 installs techs) into her office to announce that our group was being merged into the National Test and Turnup Center effective sometime in September (once we get proper training on the systems we don't already know) and that we will be reporting to Louis, someone who most of us had never met... needless to say none of us were quite sure how to react - on the one hand, this means major job security as we'll now be working on all types of lines, voice, data and uni (voice + data over the same circuit), we'll be trained on all the systems used within the company and have access to almost everything; on the other hand it means a new boss none of us knows, a whole lot of bullshit to deal with on the voice lines, a ton of new shit to learn, and probable schedule changes and another lost opportunity for reviews and promotions with the people who know us... i left work tuesday with the definate feeling that i needed a good stiff drink, a massage, and then to get my resume out to the world

went home and had said cocktail, a muscle relaxant and a brief massage, fixed leftovers for dinner, proceeded to pass out in my reading chair about 10pm from the one drink + muscle relaxer... woke up weds feeling a bit better physically (still tense but not nearly as bad), went to the tanning salon and ran by kinetic artistry to see if they had the make-up i wanted for smb - they had the silver but not the black - before heading to work

weds we met with louis - he's young, energetic, promised no major changes to the way we operate other than additional training and some new responsibilities - although we won't get calls from the voice center until all their techs are occupied with other customers, so hopefully it won't be too bad... much calmer after the meeting, but still busy as hell at work

weds night - left work late, stopped at sephora just as they were closing to pick up the rest of the makeup i need (i think) for tomorrow, grabbed some nuggets at chick-fil-a for dinner, made a mad dash to the grocery store, major shopping was accomplished fairly quickly (i'm a geek, but i was happy that after coupons and bonus card my total went from $210 to $165 - mom was right that the little time it takes to do is well worth it!) and made it home by about 11 - zooom was in a bad mood over something christian had done, gus & is were downstairs with john & heather doing pics for e-bay... got the groceries away, put together some chix & bean burritos for lunches at work, and crashed about midnight...

today has been crazy busy, and i've had endless problem customers, should be out of here right now, but i sit at my desk trying to get a frame-relay customer up and operational for the past 1 1/2 hours - yuck... i'm going to be late getting home, late getting to the club, gods i need a cocktail and some good loud music to bounce to
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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