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asleep at mal 9/09
wedding pics 
9/5/02 18:03
asleep at mal 9/09
i know these are old, but quite a few of the folx who are on lj were not at the wedding (if you missed it either you were busy or we didn't know you - we invited everyone, and there were about 300 people in attendance) - anyway, i was looking at a friend's site and found these... http://www.thalia.org/kender/Pics/Parties/00-05-20Kim-ZoomWedding/index.html
9/5/02 16:30 (UTC)
aw! how lovely...thank you for sharing :) i was just wondering what zoom looked like so perfect timing!
9/5/02 16:31 (UTC) - Re:
he was actually wearing his wedding suit friday at smb - glad you liked them