alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

another day

last night was not so hot; went home, had dinner, started more laundry (all of those are good), but then christian came home w/ new fixtures for the bathroom in the basement and requested that we clear stuff out so he could empty his crap out of the bathroom (previously non-functional) and begin work - 1) i don't have time for this 2) the stuff was heavy and my back was already sore 3) i hit my knee on the underside of the counter right next to the attic stairs - badly enough to make me almost throw up from the pain... my back is feeling a bit better today, but i have a huge swollen bruise on my knee and it hurts like hell... i love my roommate, but deciding to re-finance the house and have a home inspection right after pennsic and the day before zooom's birthday party is piss poor timing - the rest of the household is annoyed about this, john & heather and zooom & i spent about an hour venting our frustration with being asked to re-locate stuff we'd just put away for the 3rd time... i know the end results will be good for all, but why now? ah well, such is life... planning for the party is behind, as usual, but i'm sure it will all go ok... got a bunch of piddly errands done on my way to work, need to drop rugs from war at the laundromat on the way home tonight, then finish laundry and maybe clean bedroom
Tags: life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, work

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