alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

on 9/11

i've been trying to avoid the media rememberances of 9/11 because it pains me to no end to hear the ridiculous trivialites they are spouting, the ad nauseum repeat viewings of the planes hitting wtc and the collapse, etc... and being my own special type of person, i am really not attuned to anniversaries as dates, my memories are stongly sense driven, so it isn't hard for me to ignore a lot of it, but as a native new yorker (for those who don't know, i grew up in midtown manhatten, used to lunch with dad about once a month in one of the restaurants at wtc) i lost friends and saw a huge part of my home blown up a year ago today... i've been home several times since, and while parts of the city has changed, it keeps living, as do all of us... i'm sure the healing will never end for me and many others, but the endless re-hashing of the day's events aren't helping at all... why can't we have a day of peace - no new wars or speeches attempting to start them, no overblown memorial services, no words from our president the warmonger - just a day for quiet reflection on what happened and what we as individuals can do to make the world a better place in the hopes that something like this doesn't happen again?
Tags: deep? thoughts..., on the east coast

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