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asleep at mal 9/09
on 9/11 
9/11/02 13:16
i've been trying to avoid the media rememberances of 9/11 because it pains me to no end to hear the ridiculous trivialites they are spouting, the ad nauseum repeat viewings of the planes hitting wtc and the collapse, etc... and being my own special type of person, i am really not attuned to anniversaries as dates, my memories are stongly sense driven, so it isn't hard for me to ignore a lot of it, but as a native new yorker (for those who don't know, i grew up in midtown manhatten, used to lunch with dad about once a month in one of the restaurants at wtc) i lost friends and saw a huge part of my home blown up a year ago today... i've been home several times since, and while parts of the city has changed, it keeps living, as do all of us... i'm sure the healing will never end for me and many others, but the endless re-hashing of the day's events aren't helping at all... why can't we have a day of peace - no new wars or speeches attempting to start them, no overblown memorial services, no words from our president the warmonger - just a day for quiet reflection on what happened and what we as individuals can do to make the world a better place in the hopes that something like this doesn't happen again?
9/11/02 11:07 (UTC)
There was quite a bit of feedback leading up to today from lots of people who share this same opinion. We already had to live through this once, why should we have to live through it again? Valid of course. However, at the same time - for equally as many others - this actually does indeed help. It helps some family members and othes to know that no one has forgotten, nor will forget what happened. The beauty of where we live is the right to remember and reflect in our individual ways - for some that means using television as a medium to experience others' perspectives of what happened.
It also helps for some to know that there are repurcussions for these kinds of actions. This was basically the first, and by far the most devestating attack on American soil in the history of our planet. There has to be a reaction to that. If not, we open the doors for similar events in the future. Sometimes aggressively defending the ideals our country was developed on is the only way to ensure something like this doesn't have to happen again.

"To be prepared for War is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace." George Washington - 1790
9/11/02 11:12 (UTC)
But why is it then that our governments reaction to defending our ideals is by perverting them? And somehow, I don't think terrorists are much dismayed by our sentimental dwelling on what a terrible thing they did to us, glorified over and over by the media. I think they probably like it.
9/11/02 11:58 (UTC)
A couple o' things... you left out HOW our government is perverting our ideals. It's hard to respond to a blanket statement like that without knowing what you mean exactly. Also... the remembrances and ceremonies are not meant to dismay the terrorists or anyone else. They are/were meant for the people who had to go through it. So it matters little what the terrorists thought of it at all.
As a side note... As I said, I've been watching most of the coverage just by virtue of my job and with very few exceptions I really don't see anyone glorifying anything. It has been pretty objective coverage.
9/11/02 11:46 (UTC)
it's not the act of rememberance that bothers me, it's the way in which the ceremonies and services are being conducted and covered by the media which disgusts me... gw shrub and his cronies are using today as platform to press for more freedom to restrict our rights and ignore the constitution (check out http://www.interventionmag.com/cms/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=170 for the latest atrocity) and to press for war in iraq (which i think is not the right thing to do at this time - i truly believe that iraq has minimal capacity to harm the u.s. and that shrub, et al are looking for an excuse to get rid of saddam and a way to show our "strength" via a display of force)... and by and large, our "left wing" (to quote the conservatives) media is eating this up... if the media were left wing, we would hear a lot more about the abuses of this government toward ordinary citizens (which are occuring regularly) and less about the need to give up basic freedoms to help fight the "war on terror"... by allowing gw and co to re-write the constitution to suit their desires we are certainly allowing the bad guys to win
9/11/02 12:17 (UTC)
Although it's easy see how a predisposition about our president would diminish one's objectivity - that really is aside from the meat of the original issue of the coverage of the memorial events. Nonetheless - I have a couple of questions. Like another post above... this one says that the president is restricting our rights and changing the constitution without saying how. He is pressing for action against Iraq however. And whether or not one agrees with that, sometimes we have to defer to the knowledge and information that is accessible to others and not necessarily ourselves. For instance, whether or not Iraq possesses the capability to construct weapons of mass destruction. Should we wait until they are used before we take action? Some say yes, others believe that would be a mistake.
As for the article... it basically revolves around a bunch of people who tried to crash a private event. I'm not sure I see why they shouldn't be or have been arrested. I especially like the part where it emphasizes the use of handcuffs on a person who was arrested. After all, that's typically what happens when one is arrested isn't it?
9/11/02 12:47 (UTC) - Re:
our president has allowed spying on personal phone calls, e-mail, snail mail, etc. without requiring the standard of evidence necessary to obtain a warrant, he has allowed numerous attacks on free speech and the right to organize such as the one in the website above and http://jeffcrook.20m.com/mad.html and too many other similar incidents i've read about to remember... as for the iraq issue, i've read research and articles from many sources outside our government (including reports from a former weapons inspector who was in iraq more recently than our cia and spent 10 years watching saddam's attempts to aquire weapons) which say that not only doesn't saddam possess any weapons of mass destruction, he doesn't even have the materials needed to make them or any way to get the materials at this time or in the forseeable future (unless the un enforced restrictions are lifted)... while i agree that weapons inspections are important, i don't agree that we need to be pushing for war with him...
9/11/02 11:17 (UTC)
I realize this is neither the time nor the place, but I"m told to contac tyou about a bacchanalia.....
9/11/02 11:55 (UTC)
damn it, once again, someone put read my mind, and managed to say what i was trying to regarding our president and his government, only more clearly: http://flem.keenspace.com
9/11/02 12:44 (UTC)
Probably because as much as america doesn't get another vacation time, I can garuntee that in 2 years that is all it would be. You give people a day off, and they don't generally use it for solenm reflection on an event. Look at labor day and memorial day. I don't see solenm reflection, I see drunks, barbeques and sales, and I am as guilty as the rest of the nation is of squandering those four day weekends for vacation.

While I would like more vacation time, I feel it would be incredibly vile for something as tragic as 9/11 to turn into another excuse for a sale and barbeque...
9/11/02 12:45 (UTC)
Because...our president is far to desperate for war. As long as he is a war hero, he isn't a semi-literate redneck with a former coke problem.
9/12/02 10:32 (UTC)

Well, this thread shifted didn't it? We've gone from 9/11 to Bush bashing. No worries. Though I'm clearly not his biggest fan and even less so his defender... generally speaking politics is one of those topics where opinions are the basis and rarely result in a constructive conclusion when opposing viewpoints are at play. Probably time to let this one go.