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party weekend details

thursday night at the club was good (yeah) - danced off stress, hung out with friends, thoroughly enjoyed the evening... watsonian drove home (i was sober but find the 7" platforms tough to drive in) and then zooom & i headed to bed - sex ensued then we hung out with a drunken k- for a while before more sex and crashing

friday - up about 8 (2 drunken bed partners = bad night's sleep) fixed my tunica for friday night, made zooom a tunic for under his toga, cleaned up kitchen, zooom & k- finally woke up - zooom left to go meet rune and pick up sound equipment for tammy & souza's wedding, kat & i headed to costco - i hate that place! but it only took about an hour, then we went home, unloaded the car, and headed out again - liquor store for last minute items and giant for stuff not available at costco... home again, unload car, start food prep (boy i needed a nap, but i didn't have time to take one), eat 1/2 a sub, one last trip out (for ice) about 8:30ish and then home to finish getting ready - guests already started to arrive - some helped w/ finishing set up, others started the party - i finally got into the shower about 10:00 and changed into my tunica/wrap - i tried to enjoy myself, but wasn't feeling well (sore throat/ear infection) so i took some cold meds, went and crashed on the couch about midnight and slept through most of the party - according to zooom, estimated attendance friday night 100-150...

saturday i got up and cleaned up the kitchen, then fed bagels & lox & cream cheese to the remainder of the crowd and went back to bed... 2nd wake up around 6pm, feeling a bit better than friday... party seemed to get going fairly well - most of the prep work had been done friday - and zooom finally decided he needed a nap about 11 - he hadn't really slept - people kept arriving (guessing crowd at about 150-200 sat night) - while zooom was napping, john & heather were playing host (and john was spinning fire), so i stole about an hour of alone time w/ my cute girl (i needed it) - woke zooom after about 2 1/2 hours and he came back to join our guests - was really good to see most of the people there, esp the guests who had travelled to be with us - amarynth & blue, lou & rob, brighton & troy, juvence, darius, cordelia, etc... things were going smoothly except that one of our housemates was completely useless and rather annoying throughout much of the night, and then toward 5am, a really bad incident occurred - one of our guests from the club scene sexually assaulted one of the young ladies at the party after convincing her to go with him to his truck in the parking area next door... she was totally terrified and upset, and didn't want to press charges, but both she and her boyfriend wanted to talk to the hosts - said difficult host was the 1st one they found, his response was (paraphrased) "this isn't my problem, i can't deal with this, go wake up kim & zooom"... i understand that he was wasted, but damn it, if something like that happened at your house wouldn't you straighten up and go deal with the situation? the boyfriend found zooom & i (also wasted, but not for long once we heard what was going on) and we went outside to talk to the young lady and try to talk to the guy in question - needless to say, while we were being located the guy ducked through the house, out the back door and took off in his truck - before we had a chance to confront him... the girl (in a long floor length sari type skirt and t-shirt) kept saying it was her fault and that she shouldn't have told anyone (she didn't honor his request/threat not to do so or he would hurt her)... as far as i am concerned, the guy deserves a severe beating and should be totally ostracized from the scene for this... anyway, we finally got the young lady calmed down and her boyfriend took her home, but what a horrible way to end the evening!! i headed to bed about 7 am after hanging out and having a drink and a couple of smokes to calm down

sunday - woke about noon - a few of my guests had made my morning much better by cleaning up the worst of the kitchen... that meant i could put out breakfast quick - more lox & bagels, go shower and dress, and we managed to leave for faire w/ amarynth and blue in tow about 2pm - got to faire, showed them around a bit, they decided it was time to head home, zooom & i hung out til close, but bailed on group dinner at chevy's in arundel mall because he was falling asleep as soon as we got into the car (sorry guys) - stopped for outta the way cafe's awesome exploding meatloaf casserole, ate, and crashed - apparently k- tried to wake zooom up sunday night around 10 for some nookie and was unable to - he was that dead...

needless to say, this party wasn't quite the fun time it should have been, donations were low, even after watson's announcements saturday night requesting that people donate - btw, thanks for doing that honey - it helped a lot (i don't understand why people can't donate $5-10 per person for a party like ours are with tons of booze, food, etc) so zooom & i once again in the hole - a lot - for hosting a party, and with the assault and our housemate's reaction i don't think i'm going to throw another party like this again, ever... sorry to those of you who were/are fabulous guests - we'll probably figure out how to have smaller gatherings without letting the entire club scene know/attend
Tags: dancing, dating, kink/sex, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans

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