alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

another day

thanks to all of you who responded to yesterday's post... am still kinda down about what happened at the party and such, but am feeling a bit better... several of you asked who the male in question was - ask me in person and i may tell you, i do not want to post it on the web... i got some more of the house cleaned up yesterday, zooom even took care of the bathroom and some of the garage while i was at work, and i only had to ask once... miracles do happen, at least occasionally... some of you mentioned making the parties invite only - they have always been invitee + s.o. unless we were asked in advance, never-the-less, word always seems to spread and people just show up... for instance i know none of us invited "the guy", he heard we were having a party, showed up, and as he's been at our parties before and not been a problem we let it go (along with a lot of other guests)...

in other news, work is ok, still frustrating, but starting to slowly level out to semi-acceptable levels (at least for a few days - til end of month craziness starts hitting)... zooom just called to tell me he was out w/ some motorcycle riding friends and had eaten dinner, so i don't have to cook tonight (hooray) - yesterday he ate a late lunch and wasn't really hungry so i didn't cook yesterday either - veggies and cheese for dinner last night, then we finally caught the 1st episode of the sopranos new season - off to a slow start, but that's fairly normal, and it looks like even the mob is feeling the effects of the recession, so that should make this an interesting season about time for me to head home - maybe i'll get the rest of the dishes done/away tonight and get started on the laundry too (bleh - housework)
Tags: on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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