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asleep at mal 9/09
i'm still sick 
9/19/02 13:04
asleep at mal 9/09
and today i feel almost as bad as i did friday, when i slept through half the party... as a result i've decided to do the smart thing and go home after work, eat some soup and crash... no clubbing for me tonight (or at all this week - we have a wedding to attend saturday and zooom's dj-ing...) oh well, there's always next week
9/19/02 10:43 (UTC)
[hug] You've had a hell of a rough week. Karmically, it can only get better. Hope rest helps and you're yourself again at the wedding!
9/19/02 11:07 (UTC)
Sometimes it's a good idea to step away from the scene and have time to reevaluate yourself. All the drama in the scene has a bad habit of sucking everyone in and makeing everyone feel bad!

Things will get better!
9/19/02 13:10 (UTC)
I made the soup really bland. All you sick people with sore throats! Add salt if you need, but bland will feel better on your throat. There's that mothering instinct again!
9/19/02 13:32 (UTC) - Re:
thanks mom :)
9/20/02 7:42 (UTC)
Anytime honey! At least kept you from having to cook! I hope the crew is getting better. You all were a little wiped out last I saw you. Have a great weekend!
9/19/02 19:39 (UTC) - Bein' sick is just no good...
...sorry you're not feelin' well. This sick thing seems to be running around like crazy lately, particularly down here. Hope you feel better b4 this weekend.