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asleep at mal 9/09
10/4/02 13:19
+ had a good time last night - left work, went to chevy's for a chicken quesa & some rice before heading to the club... got to the club a little after 10, caught the last 5 or so songs of stromkern (sp?) had a few drinks, flirted with some cute girls, caught most of the seabound set - you can really hear the pet shop boys' influence in some of their songs - went back for a bit of dancing on the smaller floor, generally had a very good time, but was wiped out by 1 thanks to the anti-biotics... thankfully, watson had said he was driving, so i got to chill most of the way home, after we got to his house, i took over driving for the 10 mins it takes to get to my house... attacked zooom briefly and crashed...

woke up this morning with my alarm, feeling feverish and nauseaus - i hate antibiotics - proceeded to get sick, which actually made me feel a bit better, after brushing my teeth and showering i felt ok enough to head for work, but decided i needed some food first thing - am currently stuffing a yummy meatball parm sub in my face and catching up on work e-mail, must get back to work
10/4/02 11:42 (UTC) - seabound
i can get you a copy of their cd's as soon as i get this machine burning again.
think i even have some stromkern as well.
10/4/02 12:45 (UTC) - Re: seabound
is ok, i picked up both their cds last night, watson borrowed them to check out, but i should have them back sometime this weekend