alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

another day

ho-hum... another painfully busy and annoying day at work... i keep hoping things will level out here and i'll begin to enjoy work again, but that is looking like it is an increasingly long way away... haven't been sleeping as well as i'd like still due to the cough, although it has subsided somewhat thanks to the anti-biotics (i'm still suffering from their side effects), so i'm generally grouchy and unmotivated... in other news our brilliant housemate is up to his usual brilliant things, making life interesting and annoying everyone else... paid a bunch of bills online today between annoyances, and i seem to be broke as usual... will i ever get out of debt? i'd at least like to pay off the high interest credit card and zooom's high interest bike loan, so i've been throwing extra money at those every month - fortunately most of my other debts are at 0-5% interest, so i can pay the minimum payment on those and not be hurt too badly short term while i get rid of the expensive bills... the goals are to have the worst debt paid off by the end of next summer so zooom & i can start looking for a house and save for a down payment - that's part of why we still live with roommates - can't beat the rent, and the cheap rent leaves us extra money to throw at other debts so we can clear those up sooner... guess that's about it for today, time to head home and fix dinner (i'm so domesticated these days - yech)
Tags: life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, work

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