alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

rambling thoughts

last night while i was trying to fall asleep next to the peacefully snoring zooom, i watched most of a rather sappy silly movie: what women want (there wasn't much on even with all the movie channels we have at 4 am) and i started to think... note: my brain works in stranger ways than usual for me at o dark thirty...

if zooom could hear my thoughts what would they be?
1) i love you
2) i'm stressed - a lot
3) i'm tired and getting rather burnt out
4) thank you for taking care of (insert random chore you remembered today)
5) why didn't you do (random chore x,y,z that you said you would 3 days ago)?
6) i want some cuddle time (no, this is not a request for sex - i'll attack you when i'm horny)
7) i hate being a nag - it reminds me of my mom - can you please help me out around here the 1st time i ask? i'm getting frustrated
8) i also hate saying no, but we have already set priorities for our money, so can you please stop asking for/telling me about new big-ticket items you want? it makes me feel really bad to keep telling you we can't afford that new a,b, and c you want
9) our friends are great, i enjoy spending time with them, but please stop making assumptions about what i will and won't want to do, when and with whom - ask me!! i may want to go to that party you think i won't enjoy (or i may not - but i'll tell you) - i know you're trying to make things easier for me but sometimes i feel left out
10) enough with the occasional jealosy and insecurity - i love you, i'm not going to leave you, the rest is flirting and physical and has nothing like the love i feel for you
12)sorry for venting this way, i'm not always so good at talking
Tags: deep? thoughts..., life with zooom, poly/open, work

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