alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

another weekend and i'm still sick

so apparently the zithromax didn't really work (it didn't work for gus either) and i'm feeling rotten again... starting new antibiotics today, these better get rid of this thing!! spent friday night and all of saturday laying around the house and sleeping a lot, sunday was rune and sarah's wedding - think this is the last one for a while - everyone looked great, and the ceremony was quite lovely, but the best part was definately the location they chose - the cloister's mansion in baltimore, which is absolutely gorgeous - i wish that place was for sale (it was donated by the owners/builders to the city of baltimore, and they can't sell it for 50 years from the donation in 1978), i'd love to live there!! other than that, it's a monday and i have a ton of shit to do at work, as usual
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, work

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