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asleep at mal 9/09
another day 
10/17/02 13:02
red vinyl corset
left work a bit late last night, we got slammed late in the evening, but that was ok; went straight to the mall (yuck) to see jennytheonly for a haircut - it looks much better now :) then i went home to be served a delicious albiet strange dinner by angitia and mystikvelvet - "bluefredo" - chicken alfredo over red and green fettucini with the alfredo sauce having been dyed blue (apparently jenny had mentioned wanting food to match her hair) and fruit smoothies... our housemate christian had a bunch of people over for southpark (neither zooom nor i joined the group watching the show, but it was good to see some of the people), and i went to bed at a decent hour only to be unable to sleep - this means i'm rather tired and cranky today, but i suppose that will go away by the end of the day, as it is thursday and i get to go dancing at alchemy tonight - yeah! - in other news, my coughing is mostly gone (it seems these anti-biotics are working), but the ear infection is still hanging on... want to be over this now (whine)... and i was rather bad today, ordered a new dress that i've been lusting after from www.vexxthem.com (the hellraiser dress) - hopefully it'll be here in time for chiller con next weekend
10/17/02 11:23 (UTC)
oooh! I love that dress! It even looks good in white. You should gain weight, so I can borrow your clothes....
10/17/02 11:32 (UTC) - Re:
i've never seen it in white, the one i'm getting is a dark purple (like the purple vinyl pants zooom has) - i love the buckles!!

and no, i'm not gaining weight so you can wear my clothes ;P
10/17/02 13:11 (UTC)
Fine! I'll just have to keep losing weight then...What are you, like a 6? 4?
10/17/02 14:12 (UTC) - Re:
6-8 depending on the clothes - i'm not that thin, i just dress well
10/18/02 5:09 (UTC) - Not thin?
You may "just" dress well, but I have seen you in not too much clothes, and you are indeed slender. Curvy but slender. You lucky woman.

And yes, you dress fabulously. You have amazing style.

-- S.
10/18/02 9:22 (UTC) - Re: Not thin?
blush... thanks, but you know what i mean - i'm comfortable with my size, but don't think i'm really thin, now my cute girl is thin