alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


i need sleep, a really good night's sleep, i'm wiped out, but i've been having a terribly difficult time falling asleep the past week or so... i'm getting cranky, and my stress level is really starting to balloon up because i'm so tired (vicious cycle - stress=less sleep, less sleep=tired and harder to focus, tired and harder to focus=more stress)... anyway, i don't get to go dancing tonight cause alchemy has been moved to tomorrow, so i'm supposed to go out with zooom to meet some of his motorcycle group at jillians in arundel mills, then home to pack/do laundry/prep for the weekend... i plan on blowing off all the steam i've built up over the past few weeks, even if it means drinking myself under a table (or bed or chair...)
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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