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catch up? - sorry if this is long, but i haven't posted much lately

at least a bit... week at work was crazy (end of month, plus special ip renumbering project where i'm the only tech with access to the routers to complete the reconfigurations = very insanely busy)... let's start with last thursday and catch up from there... thursday 10/24 there was no alchemy (pout - it was moved to friday, when i was out of town) so i went to meet some of the folks from zooom's "twist club" motorcycle riding group at jillian's in arundel mills - not too bad for what it was, and their drinks were surprisingly cheap (amaretto di saronna - $5 for a measured snifter) - the people seemed decent for the most part, and i'm glad zooom has met some people to ride with and teach him things he doesn't know/hasn't already figured out about the bike... home to find our new new washing machine still broken (the 1st one chris brought home was defective, the replacement was still in the driveway and the broken one still in the laundry room) so i quickly hand washed the things i absolutely had to have for chiller con and crawled into bed... up around 7:30, mad packing, errands, and then i go pick up watson, and breakfast, final check online, and we're out the door by 10:30ish; we make decent time until we find that we need to stop to unjam the cd player in my car (apparently it had overheated and wouldn't let go of the cd); mad it to the hotel by about 3 to find that while we all had rooms, the hotel had done a bang up job of screwing everything else up as usual - they had us spread out all over the hotel, and most of our rooms were adjacent (often on both sides) to people not in our group - can you say pissed off? we had endless visits both friday and saturday nights from con security due to noise complaints from people not in our group... damn it; when i request to book an entire floor, that means all the rooms go on one floor!! other than the room fiasco, we had a really good time at the con; was great to see everyone although i was still feeling the ick and didn't get to spend as much time with some of the folx as i wanted to... did spend a good amount of time with roland and cassiopia (sp?) - the more i talk with them, the more i enjoy their company... friday night was fairly laid back, about 4:30 in the morning, i felt bad about it, but had to request that some of the fellow con-group leave our room so we could go to bed... saturday gus waited in line to get con badges ($15/day) so we could go check out the toys and such in the dealers room - gus, me, john, heather & carmina went out to breakfast (and of course i lost my parking space), then we headed to the dealers room - it was immensly crowded; and i didn't see much of interest - the ususal toys, posters, comic books, etc - robert ( had some really niced new sculptures, amarynth and blue ( also had some cool new stuff including a couple of t-shirts i liked; but there was nothing i absolutely had to have, so i ducked out of the dealers room fairly quickly and headed up to our room... got kidnapped for a brief visit to lou's room and a chance to see stella's kids, walter & barry, rob & lou, juvance, more people i can't remember right now... back down to our room to meet cass & roland and a few other people before heading to the health club for a soak in the hot tub - i want a hot tub for the house - now!!... saturday night was loads of fun (i'll post links to the pics once they're posted), everyone looked great (although the lobby was way crowded so we didn't get organized for a whole group pic as in years past)... most amazing costumes were damian (one of the ghosts from 13 ghosts), walter (the rabbit from donny darko), angel as a nun (and she really looked like a nun) and cassiopia (tank girl in bullet bra)... the evening proceeded to rock as we filtered back to our rooms and partied in smaller groups (between hassles from security at least)... sunday we got up, packed the cars, stopped for breakfast with a few of the other freaks at tic tock, then headed into nyc (home-sweet-home) for a bit of shopping/dinner with friends... zooom got another pair of new rocks (low cut - think new rock meets creepers), i got a couple of sarongs and an embroidered indian skirt for work, we wandered about the village, and st. marks areas, then went to union square to a brazillian cafe to meet devon, becca and ria (sp?) for dinner - good food, good company, the perfect way to end the evening... i drove the first leg home while zooom napped, zooom took over at the last rest area in nj and finished the drive (we made it home by about midnight)... the work week was the usual (i still haven't put everything away from the con though), and then it was time for Spooky III at Alchemy - great night!! - assemblage 23 was a disappointment - they sound great on cd, and the backing music sounded good live, but the singer must be heavily processed in studio, cause he sounded terrible in person... hocico made up for it though - they were incredible and i won't hesitate to go see them again!!... danced a lot, went home at a decent hour (watson drove most of the way), made it into work friday tired but in a good mood, then got hit with more problems in the re-numbering project - suffice it to say, i didn't make it to dollhouse friday night, and saturday i was still feeling wiped (plus the anti-biotics are still kicking my ass) so i spent the day layzing about the house, did manage to catch up on everyone's journals (i even posted a few replies), marinated steak for dinner (used shane's cherry hot sauce in the marinate - it was delish) and stayed home rather than venture out in the cold to various halloween parties i was to attend... sunday was sewing circle - small turn-out, only namoi & john & i were there... i did get a bunch of work done though... now i must be productive at work
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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