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asleep at mal 9/09
another day 
11/6/02 21:18
asleep at mal 9/09
yesterday night wasn't too bad, went home, did some chores, cooked dinner for a very cute girl (mmm - asparagus and pasta in creamy tomato sauce plus garilc bread)... spent some quality time with said cute girl, then she left and i tried to fall asleep - zooom was having another night of stuffiness - so i didn't sleep well at all until he left for work... that meant that i overslept and didn't get to work til 1pm (usually work 11-7 or 12-8)... tis ok though, that just means i'll swing by purgatorio for psyche's farewell night immediately from work then go home... no alchemy tomorrow - pout - must wait til friday to dance
11/7/02 1:28 (UTC)
it was good to see you tonight :)

11/7/02 10:44 (UTC)
You could come out to baltimore. They are doing their monthly thursday goth night at the orpheus...
11/7/02 11:33 (UTC) - Re:
may do that; i'll have to see what time i get out tonight
11/7/02 11:58 (UTC) - Re:
So when do you do that sewing circle? I want to try and make it out some time. It sounds more fun that n sitting by myself in front of a tv stitching away...
11/7/02 12:11 (UTC) - Re:
usually on sundays, probably do the next one the sunday after thanksgiving, usually run from 12noon til 8pm ish depending on when people decide to show up/leave/etc... i'll add you to the email list for info