alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

is it friday

ok... so i'm pretty disappointed with the elections, but i voted, and the fact that so many of my fellow americans didn't pisses me off... however, tis not the end of the world...

work is work, i have to keep reminding myself that i have a job, and that i like my co-workers, and i can suck it up and deal with all the crap until the re-org is completed and things improve

yesterday night i put in a brief appearance at purgatorio to say good-bye to djpsyche and kathy, as did what seemed like half the scene... i liked the music, but my complaint with several of our local nights applies here too - the space is too small to dance (plus, they serve nothing alcoholic that i can drink)... was still good to see people though... i wasn't there very long, and when i got home i had some food and took a flexoril to relax my back and knock myself out - i've been really achy lately, probably from spending hours at the computer... actually slept well too

today hasn't been too bad at work, busy as usual, but tomorrow is friday (and alchemy - i'm still not happy about having to wait an extra day for my dance fix, but hopefully since it's friday i'll see some people who don't make it often on thursday)... saturday morning we're heading to the poconos to celebrate stacia's birthday - we have a decent sized group of people going to 2 cabins with hot tubs - i must say that over the years i've become more comfortable with naked in front of other people, and i'm really looking forward to naked hot tubbing, good conversation, food and drink... sunday on the way home we're supposed to meet my family to try to celebrate mom's and my birthday (somewhat late, but no big deal)...

and now a quiz - yes, i often dislike them, at least i do when my friends page is nothing but quizzes, but this one by jennytheonly was intriguing

01. Were you miserable in high school? mostly - bored, unhappy, fat, a freak - but i survived
02. How many parents raised you? 2 - they were together til i was about 8, then seperately
03. What did they do for a living? marketing for textile firms (dad), legal secretary then sales (mom)
04. Are you still angry at them? often, but these days its for more recent stuff than my childhood, fubar though it was
05. Do you consider oral sex, sex? no
06. Do you enjoy doing it? sometimes (although i have tmj which can make it painful)
07. How many people have you had sex with? i honestly don't know
08. How many do you regret? a few
09. How many people have you kissed? oh boy... see anwer to 07
10. How many people have you been in love with? this one's a bit easier - 9, only one of whom i regret falling for
11. What music do you think you'll still listen to when you're 50? everything i listen to now, plus (i hope) more new/good stuff - my cd collection keeps growing
12. What do you want to be doing when you're 50? being happy and content and hopefully travelling more
13. Why can't you imagine being 50? 50's not a problem at all, being 75 is a bit tough to imagine, because i can't figure out what my health situation will be in 40 years
14. Do you want to be a parent? "not in this lifetime or the next"
15. Did this offend you? no
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, medical, memes & writers block, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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