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asleep at mal 9/09
now i feel like shit!! 
11/8/02 19:02
asleep at mal 9/09
Zoom: heya....
me: hi honey
Zoom: ummm...question for you...
Zoom: what if I forego the guns....and the Buell....for something that I saw this evening that will hold me at bay for a lil bit?
me: what is that?
Zoom: I saw in CAD Cycle a 94 Suzuki Katana....lil over 10K miles on it....painted deep purple mettalic....
Zoom: is a 600cc bike....
Zoom: $2195.00
me: with what$?!
Zoom: I can possibly put a deposit to reserve it...and then pay it off slowly or however....is a more modern bike....not quite what I want...but hey...I can't always get what I want
Zoom: they of course if I put a deposit on it will not sell it or let me take it...but it would be assured to be mine...and if you want...we can go look at it tommorrow morning for you to see
me: honey, i hate to kick you in the ass with reality, but we have sooo much debt that i'm having a hard time justifying letting you have a $600 gun right now; let alone starting up another payment plan on a motorcycle...
Zoom: was suggesting bike instead of gun(s).....and instead of me bugging you to buy a Buell in the spring
me: i keep putting off things that i should take care of (like fixing the damn computer) or things that we want in favor of trying to pay down our bills so we can consider things like a new gun for you or a new bike; i don't mean to sound harsh, but you're going to have to live with the one you have right now
me: this is not feasible... maybe if you could sell your bike for about $2000 then we could afford it
Zoom: okay :^(
me: no; don't pout; i'm tired of having to turn down unreasonable/unrealistic monetary requests from you... i've tried being nice, laying it all out; i've asked you to stop asking; i'm really getting frustrated with this... please stop

i understand that i do most of the bills and take care of that stuff for us; maybe i should make the bills, etc his responsibility (nah, then they probably wouldn't get paid, at least not on time)... what do i need to do to get through here? i love him sooo much, it is hard to say no when he wants something!! damn i want to be independently wealthy so i can let zooom spend all the money he wants (and i can too)

rant over; 2 more hours and i can go to alchemy for stress relief
11/8/02 16:46 (UTC)
Tell zoom he doesent want a 94 katana anyway. There dogs of bikes. Constant mechanical probulms my friend has one.

If he goes Zuk tell him to look at the SV650 much better bike.
11/8/02 17:15 (UTC)
I can so relate to this post!!! I am the bill keeper as well, even thought about handing them over, but like you said, they would never get paid ;) I am dreaming of the wealth as you are, it would be so nice to let him spend what he wanted, and myself as well. Damn, working yourself into the ground should have some rewards, right?
11/9/02 4:39 (UTC)
Shit - where's my sugar mama!? Oh yeah, I have a job...
11/9/02 20:36 (UTC)
Don't know what to tell you.

I had a lot of conversations like that myself. And since you and zoom seem a hell of a lot happier than I was in my 'situation', I would certainly not advise the course that I took.

Some people unfortuanately just lack a perception of money and finances. I think that a lot of the time there is a prerequisite of either, facing poverty in your lifetime, or coming from an extremely wealthy background that require you to manage money, that comes prior to a real understanding of budgeting. Myself, having lived on both sides of that spectrum, I tend to fare pretty well.

I wouldn't nessecarilly reccomend turning over the finances to Zoom though. Maybe turning some of the bills over to him to give him a taste for what it is like, but if you turn everything over, you could be setting both yourself and him up.

At any rate, good luck.