alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

the rest of my weekend

was wonderful - saturday we got up, packed, fed the snakes, and then left for the poconos with gus & dianne as passengers - within an hour of arriving there (about 3pm) i was happily soaking in the hot tub with a drink in my hand - spent the better part of the evening bouncing between one of the two hot tubs and hanging out with our friends - it was a quiet night for me (wasn't in the mood to party hard, was definately amusing to watch the less sober people though)... had a great time and some great conversations - then sunday afternoon, we all loaded up and headed our seperate ways, we stopped in york at my mom's for birthday dinner - her favorite local italian restaurant (al dente) is actually quite decent, even zooom didn't complain about the food (man is he ever picky about his italian food) although the service was a bit under par for the small number of people in the restaurant - a nice way to end the weekend, we finally made it home about 9pm, zooom crashed out pretty quickly, i was a bit more awake having slept a lot on the drive, so i read a bit, then went and curled up in bed with him and started looking for a movie to watch - found a good one - sharon stone as a death row inmate (name currently escaping me) on some movie channel - then watched the sopranos before falling asleep about 1:30 am... woke up and came into work feeling very relaxed - it seems this weekend was just what i needed
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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