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asleep at mal 9/09
just got some amazingly good news 
11/15/02 20:02
jody and company's new cartoon lowbrow (www.lowbrowlabs.com for a peek at the previews from before the cartoon cartoon premiere) just got the official greenlight from cartoon network for production on 13 half hour episodes!! i'm so happy for them (and for me too - i love jody's work - twisted sense of humor, but not so twisted that he can't be shown on network tv)
(Deleted comment)
11/15/02 18:21 (UTC) - Re:
well let me give you a bit more info on mr jody... his last series was mtv's downtown - think freaks meet daria-esque cartoon soap - was always fun to see which of our friends were being parodied on tv every week :) (and people keep saying that the main character was modeled at least somewhat after gus - although he hates that thought) - i know there was a scene in downtown where they go to a comic con; people swore that was me in the hall with zooom on a leash in the straightjacket (lol) - jody said he didn't actually draw that bit, but he did tell the story of zooom in a straight jacket at 6 flags from the previous freak day, so it kinda was us
11/15/02 18:38 (UTC) - mtv's downtown
no comment....
11/15/02 18:38 (UTC) - jody
the insane blue haired tattooed freak that he is.
guess this means more trips to Japan for him as well....
wonder if he is acceptin applications (or threats) for a personal assistant for those trips?
11/18/02 8:37 (UTC) - Re: jody
"wonder if he is accepting applications (or threats)..." - rotfl