alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

a good weekend (except for all the rain)

so other than the fact that it rained non-stop all weekend, which aggravated the arthritis in my hip to no end, this weekend was quite good friday i wound up working a bit late, so i missed the start of the night at alchemy (including kelowna's first set, and it took me nearly an hour to find parking because i was arriving just as the jay-z show was letting out of the other side of the club and they had all the streets blocked off... but once i got inside, i had a wonderful time... danced a lot although the music wasn't quite as good as last week - my favorite sets were at the later part of the evening (bluvampr, djkangal and kelowna were all good (but we were all wondering why the other side didn't get opened after the jay-z show as promised - at least we were allowed to go outside and chill in the rain)... saw some of the people i wanted to, had a good albiet surreal conversation with dirk during one of my breaks in dancing, missed my favorite dance partner ikirus when the really good stuff came on, played chauffer for mystikvelvet and stayed late - about 3:30 when we left, didn't get home until after 4:30 at which time i decided not to wake zooom up but to chill in bed and wait for him to get up in an hour - then i could attack him in the shower and clean my sweaty body at the same time...

i finally went to sleep at about 6am saturday (to the animaniacs - love sleeping to cartoons) and unfortunately for some unknown reason (my roommates weren't even being loud) i woke up at 11:30am - did some laundry, fixed some lunch, read some more of the pile of terry pratchett books pyrogus was kind enough to lend me - i've been working through the whole diskworld series from the beginning, and am currently reading "Hogfather" - i really enjoy pratchett's sense of humor; he's one of the few fantasy writers i truly enjoy... tried to put myself back to sleep watching stupid movies on cable - it didn't work, so i wound up watching all of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - i don't care how sexy angelina jolie is (and damn is she fine) - the movie was horrible - the video games have better story lines than the movie did... zooom came home, i fixed him dinner, and he fell asleep on the sofa while we were watching decent fluff - harry potter - then i got dressed and headed to orpheus with gus... jerr (aka dj megaton) was guesting, and marcy was there - we got there near the beginning of jerr's set which was quite good; danced a lot, ran into a few people, had fun... get home to find zooom had just woken up from the nap on the sofa and headed to bed, so i went down and curled up with him... actually slept fairly well, got up about 11:30, woke zooom up about 12:30 to go to woodside deli for brunch and then do grocery shopping/errands... trader joe's was first - went in to replenish cheese and orangina supplies, wound up with a cart full of juices, 5 boxes of their truffles (they had a huge display/bowl for trying - they are surprisingly good - if we hadn't tried them we would not have bought that many - and they are cheap too), spanakopita, and various other goodies, then headed to the "gucci" safeway... and hour and a half and too much money later we had a large quantity of food and drinks and stuff for our desks at work (for me - healthy stuff like 100% juice juice boxes, dole fruit bowls, chai tea, healthy frozen lunches; for zooom - a bunch of starbucks "double shots", some cookies and coco puffs breakfast bars - sigh - i suppose this is slightly better than mcdonalds though) then off to target for a new and silent space heater for the bedroom, the lord of the rings dvd, and a few other things - zooom wound up buying the cutest footie pjs to wear for the holidays - i didn't know they made footie pjs in grown up sizes - he looks like an overgrown 5 year old in it - it's so adorable... home from shopping to cook dinner (greek style chicken & rice) and prep tonights dinner (beef burgandy) and unload the car - cynthia and issac were over sewing and working on projects with john & heather; gus stopped by after work and had dinner/visited with us too... soprano's was good last night too... last 3 episodes of the season are upon us; i'm really curious what's going to happen - christopher's in rehab under threat of death; carmella is falling for furio (one of tony's upper level bosses) and he's falling for her; and the new york family is becoming very unhappy with tony...

enough blather, tis monday, and the day has been a monday, but not as bad as some mondays - i'm almost out of here though :)
Tags: bookslut, cooking, creativity, dancing, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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