alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

why does everything i touch have to be broken?!

i am sooo totally annoyed with work, every circuit i touch lately seems to be fucked up!! i have a job, i have a job, i have a job... this just isn't working as well as it should, i'm stressed and tired, i've just been convinced to come in tomorrow afternoon for more of this (at least i get time and a half though - extra money is good) thank the gods and goddesses that tonight is alchemy and i can go out and blow off some steam!! i've had a busy week other than work too - spent about 6 hours tuesday in the car going to/from my uncles funeral - was very strange, i saw distant relatives i haven't see in 15+ years - not a good reason for a family reunion... spent some time this week working on a skirt for stacia for yule - all that's left for the underskirt is a drawstring waist then this one's done, and overskirt should also be easy... i'm hoping to make a new skirt for me, and new pants and shirt for zooom w/in the next 2 weeks too... i might just get it done in time, if things go my way (and zooom does some of the housework so i can worry about sewing)... alchemy tonight - yeah!! oh, and i really miss the cute girl i was seeing - she's gone to live elsewhere (but hey i'll just have to find time/money to visit)
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, pennsic/kindred, weekend plans, work

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