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i know, i haven't updated much lately

once again, work is sucking, i'll leave that alone and get to the weekend... it was quite decent overall (except for being here on saturday and lj being down so i couldn't vent or catch up on all your posts) - friday night was wonderful - left work on time for a change, flew home, zooom had fixed me a "sammitch" so i sped through costume change, added tomato and cheese to the plain meat sandwich and jumped into the car with zooom driving and angitia as "luggage" and headed for alchemy - was a very good night - hellraver was well worth going to hear, 2501 amazed me (his and my musical tastes rarely mesh and he usually drives me right off the floor - friday he kept me there for all but 1 song out of his set), solares spun a wicked 80's set, danced lots with pyrogus and ikirus, mystikvelvet showed up way late with faeridust dressed in some of my things and looking very sexy - all in all i had a fabulous time - left a bit earlier than usual (i was tired), went home and crashed (zooom had someone else to play with friday night)

saturday work was not great, but i made it through my orders and headed home earlier than expected, about 4:30 - and took a nap til it was time to start dressing for taboo at orpheus - we ordered the pizza hut deep dish for dinner and were pleasantly surprised - the crust is good for chain pizza, we'll be ordering that one again... got ready and headed up to orpheus with a full car - the night was great, azuresandstorm was celebrating her b-day, so we had a good crowd - zooom, gus, me, braidy, flame, the b-day girl, karen & ben, kaija & her lost boy (his name escapes me - damn i'm horrible), michael, i'm sure i've forgotten people... danced til they kicked us out - it was really cool to have a 7 month pregnant karen up on the "stage" with me showing all the young goths up... home to some great sex and a decent nights sleep finally - whee

sunday was stitch and bitch, got up and fixed breakfast for our housefull of guests, finally got to spend some time visiting with our guests anna and ant, finished stacia's skirts for yule, they look fabulous and fit her great - now for some pants for zooom and a skirt for me... also helped anna figure out how to recreate ant's favorite period pants... ended stitch and bitch a bit on the early side, headed to jandara on wisconsin avenue for freak family dinner - 15 people, great food, a good time was had by all, when we got home we hung out a bit with folks who came back after dinner, talked with stacia for a bit - it seems one of our freak friends (and a major freak at that) is attracted to zooom, but is put off by the fact that we are married - i was floored by this - she's open minded and easygoing about everything else i can think of; if we don't have a problem with our open marraige, no one else should either!! then i went to bed (didn't actually fall asleep til after the midnight soprano's - which was fairly decent - no spoilers this time)

yesterday was insane at work, got home late, started laundry, fixed dinner, worked on pants for zooom (i'm patterning off of an ancient pair of z cavarici's i have from the late 80's - he really likes the style, but i think my first attempt at these may not be a success) got a phone call from another friend who wanted to ask how we make our open marraige work - happy to talk to her, hope things work out the way she and her hubby want them to...

i promise i'll try to catch up on everyone's journals over the holiday weekend (luckily i'm off thurs and friday - yeah!) if i get a chance
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans, work

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