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wow... work has slowed down a bit... i can update now

btw, i'm not stressed about not keeping up with everyone's lj, just annoyed that work is so insane that i can't manage to read or post at least once a day... i actually like being able to keep an online journal - vent frustrations, beam about good stuff, and most important of all, record while it's reasonably fresh in my mind

last week: mon-weds sucked hard core at work, however, when i finally got home each night, things were pretty good - zooom was off work until friday so we spent evenings together vegging in front of the tube (while i cut/sewed garb), watched movies, cuddled, etc... weds we went out to dinner with pyrogus, evil karen & ben at mrs o'leary's (yummy lamb stew), then home to get some sleep (but first, mucho sex)...

thursday i cleaned up the kitchen and did a lot of laundry, then we headed to "orphan's thanksgiving" at tammy, souza & tyr's house - the food was awesome and way overabundant - 2 large turkeys (1 in oven, 1 over fire pit), a huge roast (also over fire pit), delicious trimmings including "sex yams tm", green beans with almonds and bacon, stuffing made with 3? types of sausage, mashed potatoes, homemade pumpkin butter, etc,etc... cooking was mostly done by tyr and bill, but the wonderful yams were courtesy of tammy, and various other folx contributed as well... the meal was wonderful and we had fun hanging out with everyone (although i know our visit was short, we'll see almost everyone this weekend at yule) then about 9:30 we headed for alchemy... twas a decent night, although the crowd seemed a bit smaller than recent thanksgivings (or maybe my memory is going), and the music was not nearly as on as the past few weeks were - the best sets of the night (to my taste) were playing simultaneously - mohawk adam in the small room playing an "old school tracks set" and i'm not sure who but the industrial/ebm set in the large room at the same time were great... i had a great time in spite of being occasionally annoyed that i wasn't dancing as much as i wanted to though (music must motivate me to the floor, ya know?), and zooom also enjoyed himself quite a bit... a friend of ours had a bit too much to drink, so pyrogus was kind enough to drive him and his car back to our house (where gus' car was) and they both crashed at the ranch...

friday morning i woke up and spent a large portion of the day hanging out and being decidedly unproductive with the now sober friend (gus had to go to work, as did zooom) - we talked for quite a long time about nothing/everything, then decided to sprawl on the comfy couches and watch heathers... very enjoyable way to spend the day... then motivated myself to shower and dress and head to pa for dinner w/ dad and family - was a small version of the dad/family dinner - much nicer than having all the cousins/aunts/uncles there (my great-grandparents are alive and usually host these things at their country club - blah) - and we went to a surprisingly good french restaurant in of all places york - what was most amusing was that i ran into 2 of my friends from my brief stay in york when i was in college - scott is the maitre de, and his boyfriend brian happened to be having dinner at the resaturant while we were there... the visit was good, and i'm still amazed at how excellent the food was - i had fresh mozzerella salad (awesome - they somehow got a crunchy crust on top of the mozz w/out heating the cheese itself) followed by a wonderous steak in red wine sauce with herb mash potatoes and asparagus, squash & carrots (my only complaint was that nearly every main dish had seafood - i'm allergic to seafood and my choices were limited by that) ... made it home after in one piece even though food coma was definately a problem until i had a double espresso following the meal

saturday was productive - yule pants 3/4 finished, hanukka gifts put together and ready for zooom's family, 3 or 4 loads of the hated laundry out of the way... met zooom at pop pop and grammy's for hanukka (dinner = ledo's pizza - choices included pepperoni, ground beef/sausage/cheese, and mushroom/beef/cheese - a good kosher meal)... was nice though - saw zooom's family, including cousin aaron who's in town from the left coast (and on the cover of the magician's magazine genii this month - his father, brian's uncle, gave everyone copies of the mag as a gift)... headed home early for a decent nights sleep as sunday was the turkey shoot... i mostly hid inside in the warm house with j - the boys had fun, spent about 6 hours (damn it, i should have driven myself) shooting various foodstuffs and other items to bits, although i was annoyed - zooom promised we wouldn't be there all day in order to get me to come... went home, fixed dinner, watched movies and sewed/did more laundry - exciting huh?

now i'm at work, trying to catch up on things... hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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