alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

my weekend

twas fabulous, this post will be long though, so...

thursday wound up being a snow day - got up, looked at the weather, watched people stuck in our driveway (gravel and dirt), called out of work, went back to bed... got up again, did laundry, finished zooom's pants for yule and repaired a kilt for mcoletti, christian shoveled the front walk and a path to my car (sometimes the roommates can be nice) so i fixed dinner including chris safe food, then we ate and zooom, mystikvelvet, officeninja, doug and myself headed to alchemy - the night was small due to the weather and we only had one side of the club, but that was fine... what wasn't fine was the music - i'm sure part of it was that they were mixing all the types of music on one floor, but there was no consistency at all - i'd be on the floor for a song or two then back to sitting down - when the music was good i was having a great time, but i was also frustrated enough to leave early... hopefully things will be more normal this week... went home, spent some time chatting w/ officeninja & doug, then to bed, where i slept not at all until about 8 am...

friday: when the alarm went off at 8:30 i growled at zooom, told him to go away, that if i didn't get at least 1/2 an hours sleep i'd be incapable of packing (sorry honey)... woke up about 9, managed to shower, dress, pack and be ready to begin loading the car by 10, we made it out of the house about 11 and headed north following a stop at dunkin donuts for breakfast sandwiches - made the trip to the city in good time, headed straight for the fashion district where we managed to get in and out quickly - zooom wanted and found after about 8 different stores iridescent, pearlescent white vinyl... made several stops in the village to look for boots for pyrogus (he didn't find what he wanted) and clothes for frogmaus - she found some cool pants and a vinyl bat bondage belt... we headed way uptown to devon's place where we got delicious vietnamese food delivered for dinner, arranged the living room for sleeping all of us, and took a disco nap before getting ready to go to Funhouse/Absolution - the club reminded me of QXTs in jersey meets Orpheus - one floor, smallish dance floor, basement room = low ceilings - the music was like alchemy's small room on a not so hot night - some good ebm/synth/old school mixed with some absolute crap... did a fair amount of dancing none-the-less, flirted with a stunning androgenous boy, had a few overpriced cocktails, devon wanted to take this cute girl home with him - at the club she seemed nice enough, so zooom helped make sure it happened... unfortunately that turned out to be a bad idea - she was amazingly stupid and annoying and devon had no luck with her... got a bit of sleep following the club though

saturday we got up, hung out a bit with devon, then headed for the vicinity of yule... dropped helix off at a friends (luckily it was only 1/2 an hour or so from devons), stopped at tick-tock for breakfast and started to firm up plans for the rest of the day... found out that yule started in an hour and we all needed food, showers, dressed, etc so we decided on breakfast sandwiches to go... while we were waiting who should walk in but aeporia and ashbet - they were in town to visit some friends not related to yule - the world is too small sometimes... headed to hotel, unloaded car, attached buttons to zooom's new pants, all 4 of us showered and dressed and then we stopped at a liquor store and headed for the yule dinner - twas nice, although as usual, a bit long (esp the annual auction for the wolf preserve) - got to see and chat with lots of people, the food was delicious but too heavy - i barely touched my dinner and spent several hours after eating being nauseaus - heated hall, formal garb, booze, smoke and really heavy scottish food (beef & sausages, mash potatoes, etc) - stopped at store on the way back to the hotel for some soda & munchies to make my tummy calm down, changed out of garb and proceeded to party with the freaks - was loads of fun - our room was full of divas at the beginning of the evening, then we had a brief kindred meeting followed by drinking in the hotel bar and scaring the normals, then a few of us went back to our room for quiet time and conversation - frogmaus, zooom and i stayed up all night

sunday about noon i went oh shit, check-out is now, we need to get our asses moving... managed to get everyone motivated packed, showered and out of the hotel by 1pm, headed for the city where we had a very nice brunch visit with becca, doug, devon, watson, and doug... got stuck in traffic headed out of the city (one of the tubes in the tunnel was closed) but we finally made it to vixens for more conversation and hanging out... headed for home about 6pm - zooom & gus drove - made it home w/out incident in time to catch the sopranos at midnight and then crashed

if you're interested in seeing zooom at yule, check out zooom's outfit was bright and colorful as expected, but more tasteful than normal for him
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, pennsic/kindred, weekend plans

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