alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

friday - yes!

the work week has been less odious than my recent weeks, but still not what i'd call enjoyable... i want the organizational bugs and internal communications issues here worked out so i am not so miserable... i have a job though, and if things get settled i'll probably start liking it again... i got out of work about 8:30 and decided to treat myself to yummy italian food at cj ferraris - had a nice conversation with the architect sitting next to me, then headed for nation... last night at alchemy was not as good as usual in my mind - i lost patience with waiting for the music to improve about the same time as the music started to get good... part of the problem was that i walked in already in pain - the dampness and temp changes are bothering my arthritis something fierce... went home early and fell asleep but woke about 4am in more pain, didn't manage to get back to sleep until after zooom got up and i took advantage of him in the shower... did have very interesting and lucid waking dreams though, which should generate interesting discussions this evening... must work now
Tags: dancing, kink/sex, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, work

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