alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

rotfl... had to share

this is from my friend petey, who recently relocated from north jersey to houston

It's beginning to look NOT lot like Christmas,
NOT like ones I know;
It's still Seventy-five Degrees,
That's with a humid breeze,
And not a fucking chance that it'll snow.

It's beginning to look NOT like Christmas,
The sun is shining hard
But the ugliest sight you'll see
Are lights on the palm tree,
In you own front yard.

A pair of old Birkenstocks with out any socks
Are all that my feet here have worn,
A nice pair of shorts and tees of all sorts
All I that I need to keep warm.
And if I sit in the sun I'm sure
to get a really good sunburn

It's beginning to look NOT like Christmas;
Why's she in a thong?????
And the thing that will make it worse is
The thought of another verse
Of this stupid song.

Petey's Texas Christmas
Tags: media/funny/etc

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