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long update (life is pretty good bar work)

didn't sleep very well, but had some very interesting "waking dreams" - said dreams led to a long conversation tuesday night with zooom regarding our open relationship and the fact that i've met a guy i'm interested in (up until now, it's been ages since i've been interested enough in someone male other than zooom to want more than maybe a nice kiss) and to start a discussion on permission/etc for this new possibility... woke wednesday and gathered clothes, etc for an evening stay at a hotel in king of prussia (k.o.p.) courtesy of work - i had to be at the office up there thursday for a training class - went to work (ssdd) and then got into the car and drove to k.o.p. - that mall is ludicrously huge and i had a very difficult time finding my way around it well enough to locate the marriot i was staying at which was directly across from one of the many sides of this multiple connected structure palace of commercialism - finally found and checked into the hotel, then booked over to bennigans for some food and a cocktail (i really needed one) - had a caesar salad and asiago "fried cheese" (ie: cheese sticks) and a nice conversation with the woman sitting next to me - it seems i'm not as shy as i used to be, or maybe i just find it easier to talk to strangers than to people i know, or maybe it's the smaller, quieter setting of a nearly empty bar/restaurant versus the club... anyway, back to the hotel and some sleep (on a miserably uncomfortable bed in an overpriced room - i hate hotels)

the training class was a total waste of my time and everyone elses as expected, but i got to spend some time working with some of my fellow techs who do different portions of the work my company does, learned several new things, and at the end of the day stopped in the office of the vp over my department as i was getting ready to leave for home... had a short but very good conversation with him regarding the latest round of changes taking place at work, was straightforward about the people i thought could be moved into the same type of work i am doing and also straightforward with the fact that some of the people will never get this... headed for home about 4:30pm - decided to avoid philly/deleware in favor of cutting across the pa turnpike to 83s near moms - wise decision - made it home by 7:30 including stopping to pick up dinner... eat, quick shower, dress, then off to "bounce & stomp" at alchemy with zooom driving - was a great night, i was on the dance floor a lot - and it seems that i missed almost as much good music on the other side as i danced to... talked with some people i haven't seen for a long time (home from left coast for the holidays), flirted with (and kissed - swoon) a very attractive man and very good friend, saw zooom briefly on the dance floor with an attractive woman, chatted with butch - he told me the story of giving zooom and flame shit last time zooom was out, the evening was great... and then when we made it home (i was semi-drunk, zooom was driving) we had more conversation and fooled around before passing out

1st at work - which i totally forgot about until i was heading to work and already running late - stopped at safeway for the cheese and crackers i was supposed to bring, work holiday party was ok - good food - but we were busy, and since it was at the office i didn't get to enjoy it much - did have a good chat w/ my more immediate boss, apparently my chat w/ the vp on thursday was a good thing, both of them are happy about that
after work, stopped at home, grabbed zooom and headed to dc for jamie's (an old co-worker's) holiday gathering... they've bought a really nice old rowhouse behind union station - reminded me again why i want a house of my own (an old one - i love hardwood floors, high ceilings, tall windows and maybe if we're really lucky exposed brick walls and a working fireplace or two)... the gathering was nice although other than jamie and his wife we knew no-one, and i was tired and had to work sat am so our stay was short (wanted to make it to [Bad username: tim?] and feistydiva's holiday party as well... got slightly lost on the way there, but found it, had a lovely visit with everyone (thanks again for the invite!) and headed home so i could get a bit of sleep before heading to work

work saturday was work as usual only quiet (i caught up on lj and speak-yo entries for the week), then stopped at white flint to finish holiday shopping (BLAH - I HATE MALLS) and home to wrap more of the piles... showered and dressed for the evening then headed to pa for mom's holiday party with zooom's mom in the car - quiet trip, nice family gathering (no sniping, bickering, etc)... home by about 10 and then pyrogus took me dancing at oriface - michael and adam dj'd, also a great night - one of these weeks i'm going to have to check out their friday night thing - the guest dj was from nevermore, and she was really good... home to not enough sleep, up early to finish prepping for martine's yule gathering in philly - gifts wrapped, food ready (spanakopita, mini-quiche, cheese & truffle tray), kim showered and dressed in theme (80's punk in honor of the young one's marathon they were showing) before 2pm... we left as soon as gus arrived at the house from work (no, he doesn't live w/ us, but he visits lots - my best friend next to zooom) and made good time on the way - arrived about 5, the same time as many other friends were arriving also... visited, had delicious food (bear stew - yes, real bear - was surprisingly good), then secret santa - i managed to draw the ace of spades so i was the 1st to pick from the pile of gifts, but got to trade at the end for whatever anyone else wanted - most vicious were walter and barry who used one another to try to get both the santa cthulu and the gir slippers by stealing from each other - but i decided to steal the mask amarynth had stolen earlier (and stuck her w/ the vampire blow up she bought as a gift) because i know where to buy the other stuff i wanted and the mask was something i hadn't seen before... zooom wound up with a dvd he liked - uhf after the 1st gift or 2 were stolen from him - gus, on the other hand picked the pretty pretty princess game (also from amarynth) and was never able to get rid of it - sorry sweetie, it was kinda amusing though... hung out some more, then left for home at a decent hour - i had to be up early

and that's it up to today which has sucked big time, but i think i'll skip that ball of wax for another day - i'll deal with sucky monday's if all my weekends are this good :)
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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