alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

snicker - another holiday gem from petey


The whips crack
Are you listening
On his back
Blood is glistening
A beautiful sight
There's torture tonight
Walking in a sadist's wonderland

Gone away is the defiance
Here to stay is compliance
He screams out in pain
As I drive him insane
Walking in a sadist's wonderland

In the dungeon we have got a strongman
Who'll do just exactly as I please
I'll say: you are guilty?
You'll say: Wrong man
And then He'll break your thumbs
With supple ease

Later on
I'll conspire
Branding irons, in the fire
To face unafraid
The pains that I've made
Walking in a sadist's wonderland

In the dungeon I have got a hang-man
Who can kill you slow or really, really fast
You'll have lots of fun with mister Hang-man
And his face will be the one that you see last

When you scream
Ain't it thrilling?
Though my bones, its a chilling
I'm flogging away
The torturous way
Walking in a Sadist's wonderland

Walking in a Sadist's wonderland
walking in a Sadist's wonderland
Tags: media/funny/etc

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