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asleep at mal 9/09
12/27/02 11:54
asleep at mal 9/09
fabulous night at alchemy yesterday, danced so much my calves are in knots today, but that was so much fun... i got to see people who visit dc a few times a year (becca and cypher were especially good to see - and damn becca looked very hot), i talked with friends, drank (probably a bit more than i should have, but i stayed late so i left stone cold sober), flirted, and danced a whole shitload (i was amused that kangal repeated 2 songs heard a few hours earlier on the small floor) - also had fun teasing ikirus while lords of acid's young boys was playing (fond memories of tracks there) - he was laughing so hard, he couldn't dance... left when they kicked us out, drove home in a good mood, woke up zooom and attacked him, then slept for too few hours before coming in here to work

weekend plans include dinner at the house w/ various freaks from in and out of town; die fledermaus yule/secret satan and dancing at orpheus tomorrow; housework and laundry on sunday - guess i'll sleep when i'm dead (or on new years)
12/27/02 12:06 (UTC)
Can I invite myself? I will even prepare something yummy...
12/27/02 12:13 (UTC) - Re:
you are welcome to come by, twill be this evening, after 7ish, bringing things not necessary (except for some money of course), we're probably going to order in dinner as i am not motivated to cook and i have no idea how many people are actually coming, but there is a chance we will eat out - main reason for this undecidedness is that stacia is coming down, and she wants to see everyone, so tonight is about getting people together in a quiet atmosphere to do that - there is a very good chinese place that delivers to the ranch
12/27/02 12:17 (UTC) - Re:
OK. I will bring stoli vanil!
12/27/02 12:18 (UTC) - Re:
I should also get your address again so I can mapblast some directions both there, and to the pajama party I am going to afterwards.
12/27/02 12:19 (UTC) - Re:
e-mail me at work - kim.turner@algx.com, not comfortable posting my address here