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more history - last entry posted 5/16/02 (or check my memories)

one bit of catch up - between graduation at umbc and starting grad school i got badly injured at my job as a waitress - large glass/wood door on a serving station came off it's hinges and caused a hairline fracture in the socket of my right hip, bone spur ensued when it healed and now i have arthritis - for the rest of my life - it usually doesn't bother me too much, but it does limit some of my activities and decreases my flexibility...

started at umcp in the theatre department studing design and technical design; made some good friends, had some good classes, worked on some really good shows, worked my ass off to catch up on the fact that i had an undergrad degree in film rather than theatre... too many shows/specific classes/happenings to go into detail on all of it (plus, i've forgotten lots) so here are the highlights:

spring semester 1st year - doing a theatre of cruelty play, antonin artaud's "le jet de sang" (spurt of blood) - violent, gruesome play featuring frogs and spiders (candied ones in our case) falling from the ceiling into the audience, buckets of stage blood and real entrails, loads of gunfire (the director neil was a licensed pyro for his job at the kennedy center) and making a film to bring the audience into the space featuring several cast members and several of our friends called naked and afraid - think along the lines of un chein andalu - making the film was awesome fun, and when we shot it at the univ of md baltimore theatre where edie (my boss with shakespeare on wheels) and i both worked we caused quite a stir - apparently as we were all walking naked out of the roll up door into the "bright white lights" (neil's concept) there was a frat party in the parking lot across the way - we couldn't see them, but they got an eyeful - i also met zooom's roommate phil for the 1st time that day as he was helping out with lighting...

the following summer was the last season of shakespeare on wheels (budget cuts = no more program funding), i helped build the show, then took some time to re-group from the semester and occasionally travelled with the company to sites i like (like ocean city) for fun...
next fall was my first lighting design with dan wagner - it was national players, another touring company - we designed equus and much ado about nothing... did tech design and props for a beautiful set for moliere on mainstage, took a set design class with jim kronzer (i really enjoyed his class - i even learned how to draw a bit there), designed a bunch of student shows, then went to work with dan wagner again, this time on an amazing opera, turn of the screw (by benjamin britten - i highly recommend it to anyone who likes dark music - it is in english, based on a horror story) for the univ of md opera company...

at this time i was still living in baltimore in the same apartment i'd had for some time, driving a wonderful car - a 1970 karmann ghia convertible, dating a bunch of different people (some of them were short term monogamous relationships), still working for the umbc dance company, and going out to tracks every thursday (since some of the undergrads in my department were also regulars i finally started meeting some people there after years of just dancing)...

spring semester of my second year was virtually impossible - difficult class load, too much work as a grad assistant and a wicked case of bronchitis that lingered for months while i struggled to do too much resulted in me being chauffered to/from school by my then boyfriend (i could sleep or study while he drove) and losing my assistanceship - even though i did everything i was asked including things i had no idea how to do, my boss was not happy with my performance and even though i had proof that there was a medical reason i was out/tired/having difficulty functioning for most of the semester, he and the assistantship supervisor (who already hated me - when i came into the department she thought i was a lesbian and she was unhappy that i also dated boys - then, i had the nerve to question her in a graduate seminar - i thought it was ridiculous that grad students should learn african american theatre history from sources written by white people rather than the original texts - every other period we studied was all original texts, apparently raising that question in a paper on the subject was a bad idea even though i kept those thoughts to myself when we discussed it in class because i didn't want to embarrass her - she gave me a d on the paper although it was well written and raised valid points) i was terminated from the staff...

fortunately i found a new, flexible job as the office manager for a construction/lead abatement company owned by one of my fellow students parents - susan, the president was nuts, and often took out her mood swings on her husband (the brains and muscle behind the company) and i, but they paid me well, they worked around my class and show schedule, and in spite of her temper we eventually became friends (i think she grew to respect my abilities and the fact that i wouldn't let her get to me)...
in my third year at umcp i did more of the same, including working as assistant designer with dan wagner on a production of sondheim's passion which won a helen hayes award (the dc equivalent of a tony), designing sets for edie's production of orpheus bound - 2 tons of sand and scrap metal cliffs - i was very proud of that design, designing lights for another opera, assisting dan at olney on the little prince, etc, etc... that winter (i think) zooom & i finally managed to both be single at the same time so after one of the tech rehersals for a show at studio (again w/ dan) i met him at ballroom specifically to go home together for a one night stand - needless to say, we've pretty much been together ever since... spring semester of my 3rd year i started working on my thesis - multi-media (ie: incorporating photography, video, film, etc) theatre production techniques and did a show in deleware as part of my thesis - finally, i was done with having to attend classes, now i got to work and work on the thesis - at the same time, zooom and i were getting more and more involved

up next: stories from life w/ zooom
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