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asleep at mal 9/09
my weekend 
12/31/02 16:44
asleep at mal 9/09

friday night got home to a houseful of friends, we ordered yummy chinese food from peking cheers for dinner (i love that they deliver!) and spent the evening hanging out and chatting... about 10:30 it was decided that due to unforseen circumstances we would be moving die fledermaus yule from happy house to our house, and would need to clean up the mess tomorrow - fortunately a bunch of our guests volunteered to come assist with setup/cleaning... zooom and i went to bed about 11 and left a large group of folx still upstairs... from the response the next morning, everyone enjoyed themselves, and miss stacia locked up when the last of them left...

saturday woke up fairly early, john & joel were nice enough to go to woodside and pick up breakfast for us so that stacia & heather & i could start cleaning... stacia was a huge help, she did a lot of the kitchen, and folded some laundry with me while we tried to get the basement in shape... kith was also a huge help - he and i knocked out cleaning up the garage and re-arranging the furniture to make the smoking lounge decent... it took less than an hour to make the living room presentable, and i finished up the basement with just enough time to shower, give a few instructions (had hemloche & michael hang toys for instance) and rushed to dinner w/ zooom's brother/sister-in-law... dinner was ok, although the conversations got really strange - august is a newly practicing "pagan" (read wiccan - kinda) and alan is trying to "get in touch w/ his emotions" - they have been doing all sorts of self help classes... after dinner, back to the house with august in tow for a while... alan was going out w/ his dad for some father-son bonding, and august wanted to play with the adults... it amazes me that our friends were as nice as they were with her... after about 20 mins or so she makes me want to scream... fortunately as i had planned on going dancing w/ gus, we got to leave the party and head to the club before i lost it with her... got to orpheus shortly before 11 and were subjected to the most horrible music until midnight... seems it was one of their staff members birthday's and they let her have a 1 1/2 hour set of whatever she wanted - as someone commented, maybe the torture was deliberate, after it is a bdsm club... anyway, i almost asked for a refund and left, fortunately at midnight, michael and roy got to spin... they made up for the horrible music by playing amazingly good music for the rest of the evening... went home to find a smaller but still good sized group at the house... zooom had done very well with secret satan - he got the multi-colored storm light he wanted for himself, and a pair of wrought iron candleholders w/ purple crystal baskets for tealights... he was quite pleased with himself, and was also pleased that he'd gotten attention from 2 attractive women while i was gone and had managed to steal (temporarily) some purple faux fur pants from one of our guests... i visited with those who were left for a while, then headed for bed about 4am... didn't sleep too well, but cest la vie

sunday morning woke up, did some clean-up, had bagels & lox for breakfast, spent time with stacia and the remaining guests, and lazed around being totally unproductive, reading, watching movies, and spending some time with our big snake honeybun (for those of you who don't know she's a burmese python, about 9' long and 35 pounds)... zooom was at the auto show w/ his dad & brothers most of the day, when he returned home gus stopped by, we watched the others, and then it was off to bed... all in all an excellent weekend
12/31/02 13:55 (UTC)
Hope you and Zooom can drop by the party. :)
12/31/02 14:02 (UTC) - Re:
unfortunately, we are not, but christian is planning on coming, with angela, maybe jenny and others from our place - i have to work late, and i'm wiped - so is zooom - we plan on staying home, having late dinner and watching movies
1/1/03 21:43 (UTC) - Thanks for a great weekend!
For once, I almost feel like I had enough time to sit and talk with you! :) Sorry I left yer garage such a mess.

I bet I woulda had an even *better* time if I'd a-gone ot the club with you and Mr. Gus.

All things in good time.

Folks who are going through self-help: I lost an ex to "the forum". She and a guy she was seeing both did it at the same time. Now, I grant you that different folks can take different things/messages away form the same input. Somehow, they both came out of "The Forum" with the idea that, EST-like, they were not responsible for their own problems, behaviors and decisions..that all responsibility could be pushed off onto someone else. Plus, they started speaking in therapy-speak..ie, "I really don't get whhere you're coming from" and "I need you to hear me" and "What I hear from what you're saying is.."

I'm sure for lots of folks, therapy is great, productive, introspection, that helps them work though a lot of problems. For others, like another pal of mine, it seems therapy becomes another crutch..she's been seeing her therapist for half of her life, and had flat out told me it's not productive for her..but now it's a habit, and even changing to a different therapist and starting over if too terrifying for her to contemplate.

I studied psych in college, and I think it gave me a lot fo clues to understanding my own behavior. However, gotta confess, that in this country (IMO) we are over-coddled, over-therapied and over-prescribed. And folks fresh outta those courses amke my teeth curl. Lots of sympathy for you in dealing with August.

Thanks again for you and Zooom's mui generous Yule giftie. I've never had anyone say to me in exact words, "This is our way of saying we see how you are, and we appreciate you.."

I love you guys. And good for Zooomie, bein' on da prowl.

-- Auntie Stacia