alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

relaxing new years

while i'm sorta sorry we missed what sounds like several great events on new years, we did just the right thing - had a yummy dinner of veggie and beef shish-ka-bob complete w/ marinade by zooom based on cherry hot sauce (it's surprisingly good - sweet yet hot), then curled up on the sofa in front of our hdtv and took turns napping through multiple movies... i caught most of men in black ii (hadn't seen it before - not bad, but i liked the 1st one better), slept through most of iron monkey (what i caught had definate crouching tiger fighting) and missed a mid-size chunk of boondock saints (i really liked what i saw - must watch it again when i'm not exhausted)... slept quite well and woke up to spend a quiet day puttering about the house - sorted and washed multiple loads of laundry, cooked a delicious italian chicken & sausage soup for dinner, finished the 4th harry potter book (my nephew loaned them to me and i must admit i enjoyed them - light reading, but well written and they must be great for kids)... another relatively early night for me... i actually feel like i've mostly caught up on sleep from x-mas travel and last weekend finally
Tags: bookslut, life with zooom

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