alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

my weekend

as per usual, the weekend sorta started on thursday (although i did have to work friday - pout) - i had a good night at alchemy, danced a lot until zooom was ready to head for home (although remind me that i really don't need to get there early enough for open bar - i don't drink anything they serve on open bar anyway, and i'd rather pay for zooom's drinks than spend the first hour being annoyed with the music i dislike)... friday work sucked, went home and headed for dinner at california tortilla then to finally see lord of the rings the two towers - i was again quite pleased... it's got to be terribly difficult to whittle such detailed books down to a few hours for a movie, and peter jackson and company have again done a wonderful job... i did have one major complaint however - in the scenes w/ frodo, sam & gollum/smeagol there are too many extreme closeups of gollum/smeagol's face - the cgi is great, don't get me wrong, but i'd like to see more variation in those shots... saturday was spend being productive - i did laundry (and even put it away), made a new skirt to wear out saturday night, and cleaned up the kitchen... then dressed, waited for the cats* i was hearding (as per usual, someone was late!) and headed to baltimore - a group of us decided to go out to dinner at luigi petti's prior to orpheus - we had a pretty good meal (i wasn't happy with my fried ravioli appetizer, but the rest of the group seemed satisfied to very pleased) - then headed to orpheus where the music was very good - so i danced lots as usual, the music was even better than it normally is - adam and michael seemed to be making up for some of last weeks debacle, got lots of compliments on the new skirt (a teal/silver color change vinyl circle skirt), generally had a wonderful evening... then home to the ranch, where we hung out for a while, and some of us fell asleep in front of some movie or another... ikirus stayed over on the couch not wanting to drive... sunday morning zooom went to another gun show, we got loads of snow so once zooom came home with stuff for a yummy breakfast (thanks sweetie) the 3 of us spent the day slacking - i did finally get motivated in the evening and began to sort through receipts and paperwork to get a bit of a head start on my taxes and zooom cleaned all the junk off the top of the fridge so i could file that shit away too... yesterday was bleh at work (but my wonderful husband was kind enough to shovel out my car for me) but i got home to a few visitors pyrogus plus kevin & dianne & jenny at various points in the evening - zooom and i did more cleaning in the living room while we hung out
Tags: bookslut, dancing, geek, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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