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asleep at mal 9/09
freak sewing circle 
1/8/03 18:13
asleep at mal 9/09
for those of you who are not already aware i host a bi-weekly (well usually) sewing circle at the house - while many of the guests spend time working on period garb for renfaire/pennsic, there are also loads of other projects going on at any time... any ability level is welcome, but we do ask that if you have one you bring your own sewing machine... 2003 sessions will begin on sunday jan 19th, for more information, respond with your e-mail address and i'll send directions, etc off lj
1/8/03 15:21 (UTC)
This year I'll take advantage of you all's experience and expertise more :)

I am excited to get through my stack-o-fabric as well.
1/8/03 17:41 (UTC)
Aw! I just posted the beginning of a Board Game night at my place starting that day. Oh well, sorry, but I am not really a sewer, so I wouldn't have made it to your event. See ya next time at the club!
1/8/03 20:41 (UTC)
I can definately make it when I can....I will bring my sewing machine and my brand spanking new surger Ant got me for christmas */dance :)
1/9/03 8:10 (UTC) - Re:
congrats on getting a serger... aren't they great things to have?