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asleep at mal 9/09
the weekend 
1/10/03 13:45
asleep at mal 9/09
i plan on spending the weekend doing housework, sewing (maybe a vest for zooom and a skirt for me), and relaxing - i'm stressed out and tired and need some down time... oooh... and i'm going to cook some yummy foods too - think saturday i'll make beef burgandy, and maybe if i'm motivated sunday i'll make more of the yummy chicken/sausage soup i made on new years
1/10/03 13:42 (UTC) - saturday
still wanting to go up to Taboo/Orpehus?
1/10/03 13:44 (UTC) - Re: saturday
more than likely, yes, but let me get some sleep first - i am feeling very run down today
1/10/03 14:01 (UTC) - Re: saturday
guess i'll give ya tonight to get sleep then.
though of course Zooom may have other ideas.
unless he hasn't cleaned up the Miguelei(sp?) mess still.
but no problem, i'll check tomorrow before i get out of here.
1/10/03 14:02 (UTC) - Re: saturday
he has cleaned up miguele mess, but sleep very important to me tonight - i'm falling asleep at my desk here
1/13/03 11:00 (UTC) - Watson
Wasn't sure who else to ask, and I know you and Watson talk regularly. I'm trying to contact him today about a job fair and his phone is off and I doubt he's checking email. Do you know any other numbers, like a house number or something? Does anyone know where he is today? Email me, sirenfox@hotmail.com