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forgot to post this yesterday

thursday - work really sucked, as soon as i could get out of here i headed for bennigans for some food and a drink - i needed one BEFORE i got to the club (well, actually 2) - i hate to admit it, but i really like the fried cheese they have at bennigans, so i was happy with my quick bite... then off to the edge for alchemy. upon arrival, sixx told me that das ich wasn't going to be playing due to the loss of their sound equipment by british airways - pout - but the evening was fun in spite of that - imperative reaction makes decent music, but like assemblage 23 their singer doesn't sound so hot live; bella morte was quite good though, and the music in the other room (where i could dance - the room they had the show in has a cement floor - cement + kim + lots of dancing = painfull shin splints so i didn't dance much over there) was good, although i sooo much prefer nation to the edge as a space - plus, the edge doesn't stock my drink (more pouts) - left at a reasonable hour because i had to go to traffic court friday morning for a ticket i'd gotten in july, took jenny & heather home w/ me and crashed

friday i woke up way too early, went to court (result - fine cut in half, 0 points) and then dragged into work feeling like total shit, made it through the day without falling asleep at my desk or killing anyone, which is all i can ask for these days, then headed home, heated up a can of soup for dinner and went to bed early - i really needed the sleep, i was feeling oogy (miss stacia's wording) and afraid i might be getting a cold

saturday when i finally woke up i went to trader joes, giant, various other errands, then headed for home, a nap, and to cook - decided to skip the beef burgandy til one night this week as that is quick and easy and made meatloaf and greek salad instead, fed zooom, showered and got ready for orpheus - i wore the glow stick hoop skirt (made to fit 4 glow sticks into the hem of a sheer black tulle skirt) with purple glow sticks, tights, and corset - odd to me because it is such a simple outfit, but i got loads of compliments on the skirt - maybe i should make more and sell them on ebay or something... had fun at the club, danced a lot as usual, drank more than usual - some random gentleman bought us (azuresandstorm, funkergirl, pyrogus and i) a round of drinks for no apparent reason - i wasn't driving (thank you gus), so the fact that i was leaning toward drunk made no difference at all... passed out in the car on the way home listening to the girls argue like sisters

sunday i was again productive to some extent (no sewing - i wasn't in the mood) - i made homemade italian chicken & sausage soup - enough to feed an army to quote our housemate christian - and karen & ben & the overlord dropped by for a few hours - the baby is a baby, i guess he's cute and all, but i don't like babies (or even kids until they can walk, talk, and think), and ben made me hold augustus (he's less than a month old) for a few mintues before they left - he didn't break, so i guess i did ok :p

monday was work, i have a job, i have a job, i have a job
Tags: cooking, creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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