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asleep at mal 9/09
lj - addict? 
1/15/03 16:48
asleep at mal 9/09
so today i don't feel like doing any work or any of the non-work related stuff i should be doing at work; instead i'm reading everyone's live journals and checking speak-yo continually - i just don't want to be productive, i want to go home and crawl into bed

does that make me an addict?

brief update: our landlord/housemate has been told he must re-roof the house or his homeowner's insurance will be cancelled; he's been procrastinating about it since the middle of december, so now he's working on it in a huge rush trying to get what he started over the weekend (by scraping up all the old/loose shingles over the entire house) re-roofed before tomorrow's snow... i kinda feel sorry for him being out in this cold, but he had several decent days/weekends where he could have done this in small sections only he didn't feel like it... tonight he's got friends coming over for southpark (bleh - i lost interest in southpark about 3 years ago now) and hopefully angitia will give him a basic lesson on using the new computer he got (group gift from us) for christmas... tomorrow is thursday - yeah - need to bounce out agressions now, damnit... friday zooom apparently has plans for us, and saturday amarynth and holly are arriving for the weekend - hanging out, sewing, club saturday night - after zooom and i go to his company holiday party (late, i know, but after the actual holidays is a better time) - we've agreed that we're going in club clothes - i think he'll wear the stainless steel vest and i'll wear the steel boned corset... should make quite an impression on his co-workers ;o
1/15/03 14:16 (UTC)
You're not an addict. I've been experiencing the same thing - I think its work. Its that time where you don't want to do any work at all, so you sit at the computer and just surf cause you can't go home...
1/15/03 14:33 (UTC) - I agree
Count me in as an addict too. I have surfed so much some days that I think I'm slowing our network down. It's all about hating what we do for a living. I think. Or some esoterica like that.
1/15/03 14:50 (UTC) - Count me in too...but I wouldnt call it addiction....
If worked dismissed people on the # of hits they hit per website (for me: yahoo mail, lj, speak yo) I'm a GONER!

See you this weekend...do I know Amarynth?

1/15/03 14:51 (UTC) - Re: Count me in too...but I wouldnt call it addiction....
i'm not sure, she's one of our friends from philly; you may have met her at one of the gatherings - she camps w/ vlads now, good people
1/15/03 15:25 (UTC) - It is the "I'm busy. Really I am" stuff
It helps fill the gaps in slow periods. Helps relieve the stress of the day AND makes you at least appear to be productive. That way people are not wondering what you're up to.
1/15/03 15:53 (UTC)
i think he'll wear the stainless steel vest and i'll wear the steel boned corset...

this sounds very intriguing! PICTURES!
1/17/03 9:21 (UTC) - Re:
will definately get pics soon if not saturday :)
1/15/03 16:11 (UTC) - If she is a friend of your's....
I have NO doubt she is good people!!! :o)

--- Holly
1/19/03 10:15 (UTC) - It's true...

Because I am! I have been online today for at least an hour. Reading other people's journal's. I can't help it! I am hooked. I am also hooked on posting and updating my journal. Okay, this is gettting weird. I may need some serious help soon. EEEP!