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work is the same as ever, fortunately i had a great weekend so i'm in a decent mood anyway...
thursday was good as far as i was concerned, although there was apparently some drama at the club which i didn't notice (being too busy dancing to the great music spun by the alchemy staff, particularly kangal and brian s)... heather & jenny came out with zooom and i too and they seemed to enjoy their evening... was strange having gus there for half an hour only, but i danced loads anyway... saw my friend ray who is in town for a while from chicago (but hoping to move to london later this year - what is it with people leaving the states all of a sudden?), after the club, we went home and i got not nearly enough sleep - both zooom and i seem to be suffering from insomnia

friday work wasn't too bad, headed home and had some pizza for dinner then went to bed and once again got not enough sleep

saturday woke up about 10 and went to run some errands with zooom - went to goth in a box (or should i call it rave in a box now) at montgomery mall and picked up a pair of black vinyl lip service jeans to use to repair zooom's d-ring pants after failing to find the necessary vinyl at g-street, took a quick detour to night dreams in bethesda - now i know where i can go to get cathering coatney clothes - hooray - i love her stuff and have had a hard time finding it anywhere, then home where i replaced the ass in zooom's pants so that he could wear them to his company dinner... took a 45 minute nap in spite of the fact that christian was pounding on the roof, got up and the house was innundated by guests - danny, watson, & co; amarynth, kitten, dianne, & jenny all came to visit... zooom & i rushed to get ready - i shaved his head, we showered quickly and put on shiny shiny silver and vinyl outfits (in case you don't know, he works for a car dealership run by fairly conservative folks) and rushed off to dinner at the marriot - the food was barely passable, and the open bar was useless - we went next door to the lounge to get real cocktails, spent more time there than in the main room of the party - the band was so awful as to make me cringe - about 9:45 they started playing dancing queen very bad lounge singer style, that was my queue to close our check at the bar and drag zooom out to head to orpheus where everyone was meeting us... good crowd, awesome music, loads of fun - we had a ton of dc area people with us plus a guest (amarynth) from philly - everyone had a good time, so much so that we had to rearrange cars so that the few sober people could drive home (i'm not sure why, but i managed to end the evening sober) - after dropping kendra off i finally made it home, where a bunch of us hung out talking and unwinding - til about 6am - ikirus and amarynth stayed over with us too

sunday i was wiped out - christian woke me about 10:30 making loads of noise in his room (right above my bed) - but i managed to clean the kitchen, finish a pair of pants, and help katherine start on some garb - sewing circle was less than productive for most of the other people there, but some great conversations happened and everyone had fun... got to see holly & ike's wedding pics, ben & karen came to visit with the overlord, jareth came and started learning how to use his new sewing machine, and at dinner time bunches of additional people dropped by... i finally caved to exhaustion about 10pm, and took a sleeping pill which meant i slept soundly all night (noise or not) and overslept today - didn't make it to work until 1pm, but am finally feeling rested and one of the few good things about my job is that as long as i put in my hours no-one cares if i'm late
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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