alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

the good and the bad

we'll start with the bad, because it's the same shit as usual, work - it's driving me crazy, and i'm seriously trying to figure out what kind of alternative jobs i can find that will have comparable pay but not make me quite so pissy

as for the good, the rest of my life is going quite well; i have amazing friends and my other half helps keep me sane... plus, as usual, i'm really looking forward to going out dancing tonight - stress relief, friends to hang with, and gus gets to come out tonight too :) plans for the weekend include a trip to the fabric store and more sewing, a trip to orpheus, and i may also put some stuff i don't wear up for auction - a couple of pairs of boots and a few lightly boned corsets - because i'm thinking i want to order a fully boned vinyl waist cinch from gallery serpentine and if i get decent prices for the auctions it'll be paid for - i really like her stuff, and with the currency exchange rate so good; her prices are way lower than u.s. vendors who make similar items... i'm thinking silver and black vinyl (for those who aren't familiar with them, it's - i've got one of her corsets - my red satin one - and it is great)... also, tonight at alchemy is the freak family photo, i expect to see loads of people out for that :)
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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