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asleep at mal 9/09
to my date from last nite 
1/24/03 14:45
i had a wonderful evening... i would have been happy with just dinner and the club, but i'm glad i drove and we wound up back at your place... next time (if you want a next time) i'll try to plan things a bit better and stay the night - not sure which part of the evening i enjoyed more... talking to you through dinner and the drives (still can't believe i missed the exit for the club) or the time in your arms... then again, the time satisfied 2 seperate parts of me, so i guess it's like comparing apples and oranges... i'm beginning to think maybe i'm going to screw up our friendship here, so please tell me if i'm being too pushy or whatever... oh, yeah, you left your leftovers in my car - do you want me to drop them off on my way home? if not i'll throw them in the fridge and try to remind you to take them with on saturday...