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my apologies for the previous rant, i'm certain all will be fine, i'm just not dealing as well with stress today as i usually do... trying to think about all the good things in my life reminds me that i haven't posted details about the weekend which was quite nice so here goes:

friday at work was not too bad, although i was amazingly exhausted... too much fun thursday night... when i got home, i pretty much had dinner, talked with and got attacked by zooom and crawled into bed... didn't get enough sleep as is the norm these days - i seem to definately be having issues w/ the winter weather and the lack of sun; think i need to find time to go to the tanning salon... saturday was fairly productive in spite of continued tiredness - errands and groceries done, cooked a yummy dinner for a bunch of the people coming out to orpheus - me, gus, nagamii, heather, isaac, cynthia, kitten, dianne, and john - zooom was not supposed to be home for dinner (he was supposed to go snowboarding w/ friends) so i cooked a meal that he doesn't care for but everyone else likes - chicken in mushrooms/butter, asparagus, greek string beans, egg noodles - twas delicious and a nice change from the beef heavy meals zooom likes - then we loaded up the cars (with some additions - flame and braidy) and headed to the club - good night musically - twas michael and roy's week, but adam was there as a guest dj - there were also a bunch of other dc folks out - kaija & sean, tarlung, kangal, kelly & tim, christine and her gentleman (andy?), plus a ton of other people i know... i had a good night, although nagamii had an allergic reaction to the dungeon - it is in the basement and very moldy/musty - he went down to watch tiger work on heather and came back about 20 minutes later feeling terrible - eventually he was dancing nearly asleep and then he fell asleep at the bar (and he hadn't had much to drink because he was feeling so badly) - we all got back to the ranch, hung out and talked til about 5am, then i crawled into bed and slept for a few hours before waking up about 9:30 am and making the crowd still about breakfast (challah french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage) - we watched (and zooom & nagamii slept through) some movies, then i played cat herder for the freak family dinner at a wonderful indian place near the house - delicious food (and really spicy vindaloo) and good company - and apparently they will deliver to the house - mmmmm... then home for a bit more hanging out time and off to bed where i did manage to get more than 6 hours of sleep for a change - definately need to do something about this; although the no sleep thing does have one upside - i'm losing weight (9 pounds since new years) without trying
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, weekend plans

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