alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

do bad things really happen in threes?

well; most of you already know about zooom's car accident on monday - as an update, his car has officially been totalled, he has found a probable replacement which we can afford (a 1987 VW Scirocco that a friend of his who works at Wheaton Service Center has been restoring), he has been found not at fault by our insurance company after the witness statement, and he's still in a good amount of pain from the injury - he starts physical therapy this week and is meeting with lawyers

saturday, zooom's grandfather passed away; he's been not well for some time now, but this is still difficult; pop pop and zooom had just gotten close again in the past few years and now he's gone

i'm currently waiting for the other shoe to drop, and hoping it isn't as difficult as these two have been

thanks to all our friends who have been so supportive and ready to help - we both really appreciate it
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast

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