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asleep at mal 9/09
we're doing ok 
2/5/03 12:59
asleep at mal 9/09
thank you for all of you who have offered support and assistance

yesterday was pop pop's funeral, the service both at temple and at the cemetary was very moving; we spent lots of time with family and the day was definately a good way to honor his love and memory

zooom is slowly getting better physically; he starts therapy tomorrow evening after work, then he's going out with his motorcycle club while i head to alchemy for das ich and bouncing and stomping with my friends

again, thank you all for your thoughts and support, it is great to have such wonderful friends
2/5/03 10:18 (UTC)
shit. obviously missed the earlier post about the accident (just read it now - this is what happens when i only read every few days, and have friends that post 5 times a day and fill up my screeen with lots of crap :-).

many belated hugs and wishes.

2/5/03 10:28 (UTC) - Re:
no big deal; how are you guys doing? i've added you to my friends list - does kaz have a journal too?
2/5/03 12:15 (UTC) - Re:
we are doing...ok. it could be better, it could be worse. we had a little rough patch emotionally a few weeks back, but it's all ironed out. money still sucks, but we're not destitute yet, and the search for real work continues (i have p-t work, but only 17h/week).

in other news, i asked her to marry me.

oh yeah- she's water_childe. i'll let her know to add you.

2/5/03 14:45 (UTC) - i love ya....,
....always have - all ya'lls need to do is call me and i shall do whatever i can for yous - never forget - havin ah ninja at your beck and call can be a wonderful thing, i can smite thine enemies from the shadows and stuff