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what's been going on

thursday was alchemy - already posted about that, to reiterate i had a very good time and made it to and from the club in one piece in spite of the nasty weather

friday after work i went home, fixed dinner (can't begin to remember what), read for a bit then crawled into bed with my hubby

saturday was very productive - started laundry and cleaned the kitchen, went to the grocery store, looked for good/warm boots for snow and the back of the motorcycle (didn't find anything though), home depot for propane to heat the smoking lounge, picked up my pretty new motorcycle jacket (it matches zooom's) and helmet as he wanted to take me out riding on sunday, did a bit more reading while waiting for ikirus then fabric shopping at hancock and g-street - not much bought by me - some black and silver stretch velvet for i know not what, some wonderfully loud purple and green flame print for zooom, and an iridescent trippy pattern lame to make the back of zooom's vinyl vest and a shirt for him out of; ikirus got some really beautiful fabric to make a cloak out of - it will be red and black tiger print on one side and black/sheer velvet with red behind it for the other side plus some fabric for pants, and shirts... while fabric shopping gus informed us that the piesces party is march, not february (how all of us missed that is beyond me) so we were able to take our time at g-street and then headed for home where we unloaded the car (zooom's rental mini-van - mine was getting an oil change in anticipation of the trip to jersey) ordered pizza boli's for dinner (their chicken parm subs are NOT very good) and got changed then headed to orpheus for dancing... the night was very good - much bouncing and stomping occurred, the crowd was good too; then pyrogus, jennytheonly, ikirus and i went to grab food at the double t - mmmm... dolmades (aka stuffed grape leaves), got back to the ranch, we were all too wired to sleep so we settled into the couches to watch along came a spider (not a bad movie, i especially enjoyed the twist at the end); i finally went to bed about 5:30 am

sunday zooom woke me about 9:30 to get dressed and head to the motorcycle show with him... it was fun but very cold being on the back of the bike - my body was warm enough (go good gear) but my hands and feet were freezing - i need good boots (i bought good gloves at the show - the ride home was much better) and my helmet is too tight (we're waiting on smaller pads for the cheeks/ears to arrive from LA)... looked at bikes but the one he really wanted to see wasn't in; went and met some of his twist club (motorcycle riders group) friends for late lunch, then headed home while the sun was still out (so i wouldn't totally freeze) to hang out with kender and brus for dinner

last 2 days at work have been busy and slow at the same time, i need to figure out what i really want to do with my life and find a new job/career that will hold my interest and not make me so annoyed
Tags: creativity, dancing, dating, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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