alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

snow and other fun

now that we've finally been plowed out and all our extra guests have safely headed for or reached their own houses, here's an update

lets start out with the obvious - as many of you know we live way back a dirt and gravel driveway so until a bobcat came to remove the 2 feet of snow blocking our vehicles we couldn't get anything other than 4wd's out... that meant that eveyone who came with us to orpheus (with the exception of pyrogus who was stupid enough to drive home in the heavy snow sunday early morning) was stuck at the ranch until today - fortunately most everyone was fairly calm and sane about it and weren't much trouble, but i do need to go to the grocery store and re-stock since we pretty well emptied the freezer over the last few days

thursday at alchemy was fairly decent, lots of friends, good music, zooom and i took heather with us, and we all had a good time; was particularly nice to see evil karen out and to have rei visiting town for a bit

friday i've already covered, saturday was devoted mostly to housework following the naked romp in the snow, followed by dancing (loads of it - i hurt muchly by the time we left) at orpheus; on the way home we hit the start of the storm, and stopped to pick up breakfast stuff on the way home

sunday we woke to massive piles of snow which we spent a large amount of time attacking with shovels to mostly no avail

monday was more digging - only azuresandstorm in her jeep and frogmaus in her suv after the "swampy women" got her unstuck could get out of our driveway - following shoveling and realizing that again no-one was going home i fixed a huge dinner of spagetti, meat sauce and hot sausage for all and we watched stupid movies and relaxed until we all passed out

monday was more of the same - pointless digging and the setting in of ennui

tuesday christian took rebecca home in azuresandstorm's jeep, and james and twig came by for a visit taking cynthia and eric with them; the house was somewhat quieter and i headed to bed early, only to wake about 1 am and wind up getting dressed again to help get dianne's suv unstuck again - kevin had used it to help get issac's car unstuck and wound up getting stuck himself when he slid out of the ruts and got stuck in a drift

today we finally got a plow company to come dig out the driveway; i can leave - yeah... and tomorrow i'll go to work, and then go dancing - bounce & stomp
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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