alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

must gush a bit

yesterday at work sucked; i was happy to be out of the house and at work for less than an hour before we got so slammed that my decent mood went right into the toilet... fortunately last night was alchemy, i had plans with the cute boy, and made arrangements to meet pyrogus for dinner prior to clubbing at a yummy afghan restaurant... traffic going to pick up cute boy was awful, but once i had him in the car, the evening improved rapidly... he was in a very good, bouncy mood and spent quite a bit of time talking about shopping for costume pieces for a jpop inspired outfit... by the time we got to the restaurant i was feeling somewhat better mood wise, and dinner helped too... i can't remember what it was called, but lamb with saffron rice - mmmm... i took half of mine home (haven't gotten to eat it today; i'll have a good lunch for tomorrow instead) then we headed for alchemy - was a good nite people wise, and for the 1st part of the night the music was quite good; got to see bagel and puppy - neither of whom i've seen in far too long (and bagel took a bite out of my neck - i was certain it'd leave bruises, but it looks ok), flirted with elizabeth and of course cute boi, and gus is on a schedule that allows him to come out all night instead of having to leave at 10... music started to get terrible at about midnight though - nearly an hour of empty dance floors except for the few gravers dancing to tony's set; we were all annoyed; i understand that people have different tastes, but clearing both floors of the majority of your clients simultaneously is bad... on the bright side of things, i had had enough of a chance to sober up that we could leave early and head for home... after a few stops for the (his words) "high maintennance" boy to pee - once just after we left the club, then again on gw parkway, then he ran into the house while i was parking, however, we got around to naked time - since i'm not really a girly girl, i haven't figured out whether i'm comfortable sharing this with anyone, but damn, i haven't had that many orgasms in a single session in - i don't think ever... nice kisses to start, not quite enough foreplay though, then wow... four orgasms before his 1st, then a brief interlude for me to massage his back and a bit more foreplay, following which i lost count on the 2nd go round - it also felt wonderful to curl up with someone my size again - he's about my build which means that unlike zooom when he throws an arm or a leg around me i'm not being crushed... was woken up in the morning to loud, obnoxious birds outside his window (rather than the roommate telling me to move my car) - decided that while lying in bed more would be wonderful i didn't want to explain the strange noises and our nakedness to him (friend, doesn't quite understand whole open relationship thing, really doubt he'd understand my desire to sleep with another man and zooom's willingness to allow it); went home, arrived at the house just as john & heather left for work (bet they wondered where i'd been all night), showered and dressed (and used shower massager for another orgasm - damn i'm greedy sometimes) took care of a few errands and headed out to work - alright, just thinking about last night made my mood much better again... mutual crush between friends and consensual sex = good thing
Tags: dancing, dating, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, work

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